Living Social / living social's daily deals are scam

United States

Bought a maid service ($30) back in November then in June I went to use it. Called the company to use it and they said “we are booked up for the year, give us your name/number and when an opening comes up we will call you”. I called Living Social back and told them this (my voucher expires in November) and they said they would refund my money. I said I don’t want the money I want the service. They said they would look into why the company would sell more vouchers than they could handle and refunded my money (whatever).

TODAY, the SAME deal is selling for DOUBLE the price and I was like WTF they couldn’t fulfill my voucher for $30 and now they are selling them for $60!!! I called Living Social and they were like “too bad so sad” we refunded your money. I even got the direct number to apparently the head person who was like too bad so sad.

I cannot believe the freaking company wouldn’t accept my $30 because they were “full” and now they are selling the EXACT same thing for double the money. Obviously they have people available and just didn’t want to do mine because they sold it so cheap.


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