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I bought a fridge freezer in the sale because I needed a larger one for dietary problems it came and that day went out and put more food in it ? 2 days later the fresh milk I bought had gone off and it was warm ? I thought it was me not putting the dial on high enough ? Checked the instructions and put it on very cold ? Next morning there was little change except the cooler was warm ? Checked the freezer again which was packed ? And everything was frozen? I got in touch with littlewoods and told a engineer would be calling out ? This was after trying different sites that took nearly 3 days to get a engineer who took another 3 days to come out ? He looked at the back of the fridge and told me to turn it off because go on fire it was that hot and he said he could smell burning ? I told him I cannot turn the fridge off because it was full of food in the freezer ???He then told me that was not working because it was burnt out ? I opened the freezer and everything was defrosted warm and a odour coming from the food ? He told me to contact littlewoods for a replacement asap ? Everytime I spoke to some one on the telephone they refused to pass me on to a manager or some one senior ? I was refused a new fridge because I would of gone over my credit limit after buying the dude fridge ? They said I needed a code from the engineer to say it was not my fault the fridge was not working ? I asked what was the procedure to put in a claim for the food I lost ? I was told to take pictures of the food off my mobile and send it to them ? I told the girl I did not know how to use the mobile ? She told me to keep the food until someone spoke to me from customer care ? My daughter who was my only source of help was ill ? I took photos and found out a app was out of date ? A few days later my daughter got through to customer care and she was told to throw the food out because of health and safety ? I had to send my phone to a shop to down load the photos to my laptop? I am disabled and have a speech impediment and while I tried to explain to one of the girls from littlewoods about getting a new fridge one of the jobs I was told to do was clean the burnt out fridge and bubble wrap it for the drivers for a pick up ? I told her I had a job washing myself most days and to bubble wrap it was beyond a joke ? She asked me if I understood english and mouthed the words very slowly ? Because I was getting agitated I had a diabetic attack ? And a angina attack I needed medication ? I tried to plead with her and said I needed the fridge but could not wrap the old one up ? Until my daughter called ? No bubble wrap no freezer ? I just could not get through to her it was littlewoods fault in sending me this faulty freezer ? I asked to speak to some one senior because I heard laughing as I tried to explain ? I was told to wait on the line ? 20mins later the phone went dead ?? I did complain and told them the exact time I was on the phone with this person ? But nothing was done ? The pictures were sent and I was sent a email offering me £15 ??? There were 4 trays of food in the pictures one picture showed a leg of lamb that cost £18 .00 ? I refused there offer and asked them how did they get to that sum ? There next offer was £30 but I could not reply to them because my father died after being admitted into hospital for a few weeks ? After the funeral a few weeks later I replied to a email because littlewoods had made me another offer of £50 and 15%of the purchase price of the fridge ? Plus they wanted more photos ??I sent the photos and the list of food that was defrosted and up to date prices and I told them there were also photos of the back of the fridge which had insulation tape on the copper pipes which looked as if this fridge was not new ? But a reconditioned one ??The last email I got back ? Said we need the receipts for the food that was defrosted ? Before we can pay you your claim ??? I have been told they cannot ask for this because they supplied me with a fridge that did not work ??? This must be the worst company for any customer care ???

Mar 25, 2017

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