Literary Guild and Double Day Book ClubStealing money

I haven't been with Double Day book club for over 7 years and in October of 2014 I got a charge to my account for 42.46. I called and they said I didn't respond to the feature selection. I explained that I had not been a member in years and he told me that it said on his system that I was. I told him again that I didn't order books or receive an option to decline books and that I had not been a member in many years. After about 45 minutes he finally said he would cancel my membership to all of the book clubs associated with literary guild and credit my account but that it would take two weeks. Apparently, literary guild, double day and mystery guild are all one book club. The next day my credit card was charged again, this time by Double Day. I called again and after another 45 minutes to an hour I finally got to a woman who said she had cancelled my memberships and would credit my account. She said books were shipped out but to keep them, I got the in the mail and immediately took them back to the post office to return to sender. I changed my checking account, hoping this would help because I have no idea how they got my account information unless that got it from mystery guild, who I am still trying to cancel my account with. My bank disputed the charges because neither company ever credited my account. The dispute has not been settle and the companies are claiming the charge was legitimate. I have no idea what to do because I never authorized these charges, I have no books and I have no idea how they got my bank information because I am now with a totally different bank from seven years ago when I was a member. They are basically thieves and they are getting away with taking money illegally. When I was a member I had fulfilled my agreement so that is not the problem either.

Jan 12, 2015

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