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Linksys / They screw you on the warranty

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On 9/13/2008, I purchased a Linksys router, model BEFSX41. After 8 months the router stopped functioning. When I called Linksys and read off the serial number I was told the router was no longer under warranty. There was a lot of confusion because of the poor English the technician spoke. I was finally able to understand that the warranty started from a manufacturing date and not from date of purchase.

Not believing my ears I hung up and called again. I was told again by another technician that my warranty did in fact start 4 months before I purchase the router. To put it another way, one third of my warranty was gone before I even thought about purchasing a Linksys router.

I was so pissed I could not continue to talk to the Linksys tech so I just hung up.

I am not going to pay to deal with thieves like that. I say thieves because only a thieving mind could come up with this type of warranty.

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  • Pa
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    I bought a range extender for my wireless router as one room in my home had a bad signal. The "easy" startup disk didn't work so I called Linksys. They told me they could help manually configure the range extender but, since the router was purchased previously and out of warranty, they could not tell me how to configure the router to be compatible with the range extender without paying for the service (BOTH linksys products)!!! I said do you want me to return a $100.oo product since I cannot figure out how to sync the two or spend 5 minutes helping me with a simple configuration? They could care less. I asked for a supervisor and after being on hold for 45 minutes, they hung up on me. Unbelievable!!! I am fit to be tied. What kind of customer service is that? Guess I'll return the product and they wont get the sale. What a sad, sad company!

  • Ch
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    I purchased a Wireless g Camera and less than 3 months latter I called for a technical question and was told it was out of warranty and the caller taker asked several times if it was refurbished.It was bought new from Best Buy.

  • Ny
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    We bought several wireless network adapters and one of them came apart. We also had problems with their other products (routers).I called to exchange the product and found out that their warranty is nothing less than a scam. They outsource their customer service to a company based in some Third World country, train them to tell customers that it's their fault if the device is not working properly and unless there's a catastrophic event like fire or the device was damaged during the transportation they won't honor the 1 year warranty. The quality of service is very poor, you have to go through many people to get to the one who will keep you on hold for 30 min just to tell you to get lost. You'll wait for a supervisor for another 20 min to hear the same. My company stopped buying their products since the overall quality of product and service went down considerably.

  • Sh
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    This story tops alot of these Linksys complaints, its absurd, how they ripped me off! I Paid $29.99 to a technical support phone rep to update my firmware on my wireless router, which was out of warranty. They explained this would take away the slow connection times I was recently having, but in all other ways the router was working perfectly before my call to them. Hey I get this, a faster newer router for $29.99 did not seem bad, they can not continue updated all their products for free for life (and apparently do not honor a 1 year warrenty anyhow!). However, the firmware upgrade failed, (after two hours of other troubleshooting and phone disconnections). The tech had gained remote access to my computer and was attempting to do this firmware upgrade remotely through his remote access, but I was left with a message saying "firmware update failed". The failure of this firmware upgrade left my router totally dead, the software was completely broken and non-repairable according to the second rep. (by the way, the first rep. responsible for attempting the failed ugrade had to "call me back" and did not, go figure!). They finally said there was nothing that could be done but to buy a new router, my $29.99 was non refundable of course, but that they were happy to sell me a new router! What a FRAUD and ILLEGAL activity, they break the router remotely and then try to sell you a new one! There was no disclaimer explaining they may render my device completely inoperable if this 'update' failed. I spoke to many other customer service representatives after and tried speaking with supervisors about them replacing my router which they were solely responsible for destroying but of course was turned down on all attempts. This was an absurd mis-treatment of a customer not to mention seems illegal and fraudulent. I have read alot of complaints about LINKSYS blatantly ripping customers off and this is simply another very obvious example of this. I truely can not believe anyone can get away with this!

  • Bo
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    Linksys has lousy customer service. They told me just enough to mess up my computer.

  • Fr
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Linksys - Terrible service
    United States

    I installed an N wireless network and 2 days later the unit failed. Linksys tech group figured out the problem but Linksys wont replace the unit unless you live in Canada or the US. If you dont live in those two countries you are on your own. DONT BUY LINKSYS if you are not in those countries. I had problems with my Belkin but at least they stepped up and fixed it.

  • Jk
      19th of Dec, 2014
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    Linksys warranty on their routers is horrible. We bought model WRT54GL in September 2014 and it stopped working in December 2014. We bought the router at Amazon. When we called, we were told this model was 15 years old and the warranty was no longer available. When I chose this model, I was not aware I was purchasing a 15 year old model. This is crazy and hard to believe a company does not stand by its products after a few months of ownership by a consumer. When we called for tech help, the only help they wanted to give was for us to buy an updated model. I will not buy a product that was made by Linksys again. They are horrible and their product is horrible and they don't stand by their product. They also don't help you when their product stops working. Never again. I will continue to warn other people word of mouth is a companys worst enemy

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