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Lifetime Fitness, Inc. / lack of attention to detail at this facility

1 Garland, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 972 496-5000

I've recently ceased my membership at the Garland, Texas location of Lifetime Fitness, due to several different reasons. This huge facility has thousands of paying members; however, they have a total of two racquetball courts. When I joined this facility in 2004, my first question to the sales rep was: "Do you have racquetball facilities?" When he assured me that they did, I let him know that I was prepared to do business with him. In the initial months of our membership, my wife and I spent slightly more than $4000.00 for personal training. That's aside from the $108.00 per month for membership dues. No problem with that; however, one would seem to think that the management of this facility would seem to have some sense of compassion for members who spend that type of money. Wrong, brother!! It was late this past year when a new member felt that he had the right to reserve a racquetball court and proceed with the daily ritual of practicing his tennis game. An employee informed me later that this individual was rehabbing his recent open heart surgery, thus they didn't seem to have any problem in him reserving the court in what is considered by many as "prime time". That would be 4 p.m. each weekday. Several incidences of meeting with officials at the club didn't seem to get me anywhere with these stubborn individuals, and there was even a time when they suggested if I had ever given any thought of rearranging my schedule in order to not be there at the 4 o'clock hour! Is that discrimination, or what?! Furthermore, I was informed by this same employee that (the adjoining squash courts) are available to members for birthday parties, karate lessons, etc. After several months of ### at these individuals, I learned rather quickly that they don't have the least bit of use for the members who've already placed their names on the dotted line. Once they have you under contract, it's to hell with you, brother!! That wasn't the situation in my case, in that I've been informed that I won't be required to provide them with a 30-day notice and that I'll be receiving the balance of the current month's dues. Obviously, I'll be dedicating myself to informing everybody within earshot that Lifetime Fitness is "poison" and to stay away from the skull and crossbones!!


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