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I am writing this in regards of unethical behavior of the manger, mark c. Huckaby (national sales coach), at lifetime fitness located at 25600 rancho niguel rd laguna niguel ca 92677.

I am disgusted with the manger attitude and I am very upset. I cant stop thinking about the incident! I am still on shock!
He embarrassed and humiliate me front of other people.

My terrible experience with manager of lifetime fitness at rancho niguel just, happened yesterday sunday march 4, 2017 3:50 pm.
He disrespect me.
This is unethical behavior, he has no right to treat people like that.


I wasn't familiar with this club, it was my first time. I live in rancho niguel, I can just walk to lifetime club. It was my day off and I was riding my bike, decided to stop by at lifetime café to buy a healthy juice. I got in café from patio entrance because I had to leave my bike at the patio, I had no lock. So didn't want leave my bike far, no safe with no lock.

I asked staff working at the café if it is ok to leave my bike, I was told it is ok.

Then I asked for carrot juice if they make fresh, I was told they just make smoothie.

I cant have preservative so I didn't get it.

I asked them if I could use restroom, they said it is ok.

On my way to restroom I noticed hair salon and spa that seems nice. I taught I can get some information since just few block to my house.

I asked lady at salon reception, she asked me to sit to get someone to help me to get a tour at club.

I was excited and sat and waited.

That moment I started to think to get membership if I like the place after tour.

All of sudden this unpleasant person who call himself coach!!! (printed on his card) "healthy way of life company"!!!

Shows up and suddenly with his angry face and unethical behavior raise his voice on me yelling at me, front of other people an reception, kept telling me where did you come from!! Did you come form main door and etc.

I was shock and had no idea why he is such as a wild and aggressive person.

He didn't even let me talk.

It is so irritating for me even describe the situation!!!

So painful!! Never had such experience in my entire life.

He put one of his hand on his belly and with other hand point at me, I really taught he wanted to hit me!!

It was so bad!!

He ruined my day, I am so upset!

I told him he has no right to talk to me like that. He kept screaming.

I asked his card and he just left while he said he didn't want o talk to me!

I am so upset and at this point I am going to file complain about manager unethical behavior to different sources.

You can reach me at

Mar 05, 2017
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  • Ji
      Apr 23, 2017

    I am really not surprised at this. At Life Time, everyone is taught to "protect the base". So, it really is similar to being in a cult. I'm sorry you had to experience this.

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