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Please keep these coming. I almost done this in Houston and am trying to get my deposit back. Now I see it will almost be impossible. I have read so many of these horror stories around the whole United States. Why are these quacks still practicing Frankenstien proceedures? People!!! Read!!! Do Not Do The Lifestyle Lift!!! And do not go for a conseltation because they will pressure you for a deposit and then NEVER return your money if you change your mind. And if you get this proceedure...You WIll Be Sorry..because ...they just say "Sorry" and you are stuck with more doctor bills to help you with pain, scars, infections and sounds like you will have to get FIXED afterward. DO NOT DO

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  • Ch
      Oct 21, 2009

    I was foolish and I went to LSL. I have been angery with them and myself for 3 years. But after reading about some of the other cases I guess I was lucky. I was very infected and in a lot of pain within a few days after the surgery and tryed to call there emergency number over a holiday weekend and there was no answer, even after I left many messages explaining what was happening. After 2 days I went to the hospital and was told I was in a life threatining situation, I was put on IV, s and they also could not contact a doc. from LSL. It has taken this long for me to recover from my infections ., not to mention the cost. It is not easy to get an other Doc. to get involved with a butcher job. To add insult to injury LSL wanted to pay me 700 dollars to sign off on the case and keep my mouth shut. I can not print what I told them to do with that money, but they would have needed one of there own quacks to remove it. Christine Knudsen [protected] I

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  • Ch
      Oct 21, 2009

    With all that being said, I learned a big your home work before before you go out to play.

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  • Do
      Aug 21, 2010

    It is a shame that we as woman and myself include mesaure our worth by a youthful apperance. Men can age gracefully, distinguishly, after a marraige of 25 years coming to an end and the main reason is because he didn't like how I had aged, I also was almost drawn in to LifeStyle lifts. But reading this website and others I realize that I've been spared so much by reading and realizing that I do not need to or even want this procedure I am going to be contented with my naturally aging process and I am going let anyone else I come in contact with know about this site. Thanks, My Beauty is rare it only belongs to me.

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  • Cj
      Oct 09, 2010

    LSL in Troy is the WORST. I had my surgery in March 2010 and looked deformed for two weeks. Dr. Frankenstein (Cavaliere) pulled my face back too tightly and left horrible puckers next to my eyes. I went to a board certified surgeon in Novi back in June and he did his best to repair me for $1900. However, things still aren't 100%. I would like to sue their [censor] off. What a scam and if you value your appearance at all, stay far, far away from Lifestyle Lift. I wouldn't let them trim my dog's nails. I doubt they are even board-certified. If you really want a decent "lift", get referrals from your friends who have had a good procedure done.

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  • Ah
      Mar 22, 2013

    I had a LifeStyle Lift about 4 years ago. I should have had my head examined. I went for the consultation and the first thing I noticed was that anyone who had surgery went out another door to try to prevent anyone there for a consult from seeing them. I should have picked up on that. Anyway excited about getting my Lifestyle Lift and concerned about several medications for High Blood Pressure I take I stayed for the consult. The doctor was not at all concerned about the HBP meds at all. Kept brushing it off. NEVER EVEN asking in detail what I took or anything to make a knowledgeable decision as to whether the procedure was right for me. All I kept hearing was you'll be fine. Again I should have had my head examined. Just going to the dentist sends me into severe palpatations, that are frightful at times. BUT NOTHING compared to what I went through having my LifeStyle Lift done. I went a few weeks after the consult, early in the morning. They got started late, and seemed very rushed. Then they started with the shots in my face. Within a few minutes I felt like I was going to explode. My heart was racing and I felt horrible, the doctor kept saying this will pass. Well it did not, it lasted for hours and I then began to vomit. I was so scared. They put me in another room, evidently I was taking up valuable chair space. I was ill for several hours. Actually into the early evening. I had planned on staying overnight and at least that was smart. I actually saw the doctor once or twice during that whole time. Some technician would come in every half hour or so to check. When I finally began to calm down the doctor said well we better get going on her. I felt that I had probably already gone through the worst part so I was determined to stay. Did I say that I should have had my head examined? The doctor started to cut, I immediately became ill hearing a gross cutting/tearing sound of my facial skin. Oh crap I am in deep now. I kept praying that it would go quickly, when actually that was probably not a good idea for a favorable outcome. I was kind of groggy and heard the doctor say sometimg about getting done as quick as possible as the numbing medication would no doubt be wearing off soon. I did feel some of the incisions. All in all it was the WORST THING I EVER DID. What was I thinking, I think if someone shot me I may have felt better. I have scaring behind my ears and into my hair line, luckily that don't show much, but if my hair falls back you can see them and they are UGLY. I have wierd tightness on the sides of my face. I don't look years younger as the models do that they show on TV. Just that something is different heppened for my nearly $4000.00 dollars. I was sent by cab to my room with some girl technician to spend the night with me. They told me I would have to pay her. I spent a horrible night, black and blue from the top of my head into my chest. OMG. I couldn't wait to go home.
    The next morning I had to go back to the office for a check up. Oh yeah every thing looks wonderful. That's if you like Frankenstein. And sent me on my way. Truthfully I should have never driven home. I was in no shape to do that. I had a three hour ride and had to pull over many times for breaks and to try to clear my head. I somehow got home safely. I was so incredibly brused I tried to call the doctor several times. Always to busy to talk to me. A technician would passify me. A week later I had another doctor remove my sutures. As I did not want to go back to the butcher shop again. I was done. It took many many weeks to heal. I can't believe I lived through that. PLEASE DON'T DO IT, IT'S NOT WORTH IT.
    You want a lift go to a reputable physician. If you can't afford that, then save your money and go on a vacation.

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  • Sw
      Jul 10, 2013

    These doctors need to be shot in the head! I hate to put it that way but they are making our lives a living he'll!

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