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Lifestyle Lift advertises with informercials that they can take up to 10 years off your face in about an hour. They no longer use this advertising practice after being warned about deceptive advertising. This goes right along with the woman leaving with her husband to go to lunch after her LSL. The LSL Lift performed on my face left me scarred with eyes cut differently, creases missed entirely, one cat eye, one eye cut straight across with a fat bag to hang down and over, scars around ears and pain that was unrelenting behind ears, couldn't wear glasses, talk on phone, etc. I put up with this for 8 months almost. LSL kept having me drive countless miles to tell me to come back next month, maybe we can do something then. I was told by a doctor there that she did not have the expertise to fix what had been done to me in front of the general manager. Check out There is major breaking information on a lawsuit that is about to be filed. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of "people". Do not have this procedure done without getting a 2nd opinion from some one other that a LSL salesperson or doctor. These sales people get commission on what they do to you. So the more they sell, the more money they make. Since when does a sales person know what you need to have done to your face???? And since when does a salesperson need to pre-sale you on what the doctor can do for you, isn't the doctor suppose to meet with you and tell you what he thinks that you need? They are selling a cookie cutter procedure to many, many people. And don't let them fool you with if you sign today we can save you $1200. That is what they do to everyone. And watch out for the thumb screws they bring out if you start hesitating. Your face will be with you forever. Do not wind up scarred and feeling like a dummie. Seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with hospital priviledges.

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      Aug 08, 2009

    1-888-LSL-suit for info on the class action against them.

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  • A
      Nov 14, 2009

    Please contact me if you'd like the name of the person in charge of handling the LSL suit.

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