LifeCell Anti-aging Skin Care Treatmentcompany not wanting to refund goods returned

I ordered a sample tube of the LifeCell Anti-Aging Skin Care treatment from this company in August 2014 and the amount of $18.22 (NZ) was charged to my credit card on 12/09/14. I had been using the cream during a 2.5 month holiday in Australia, visiting family, and had decided that I would be returning it to the company, as per their original offer, once I got back to NZ on 30th November, due to my not having had the results that they claim it should have had. When I got home, my husband presented me with two charges on our credit card from Life Cell and a package of Life Cell products that I had not ordered. The two extra charges being $247.83 on 11/10/14 and $213.70 on 14/11/14. I sent them an email stating this fact and asking advice as to how I was to go about the process of sending them back and also requesting an address for where these products were to be sent to. After numerous emails, I eventually got this information, but only after having to contact my Credit Card company and lodging a formal complaint with their Disputes team, and relaying this information back to the Life Cell company. I sent the initial sample cream and the subsequent unused products back to them on 4/12/14 and they acknowledged that they received the goods on 22/12/14 (their word against mine). I received a refund of $238.83 into my Credit Card account on 23/12/14. I sent them another email confirming this and asking why they hadn't refunded the other $213.70. They replied saying that they had no intention of doing so, as the returned goods should have been with them by 12/12/14 and not 22/12/14 as they claimed they had received them. I emailed them stating that this was unacceptable and that I would be notifying my credit card company again and giving them permission to take action to retrieve this outstanding amount, which has been actioned today! I dread to think of how many more people have been swindled by this highly unethical company?!?

Jan 05, 2015

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