Life Time Fitnessbilling issues

S Nov 24, 2017

In the fall of 2016, my significant other used my checking account to pay for his monthly november of 2016, he was sent to an undisclosed area for 10 months where he had no access to any fitness centers. I contacted lifetime fitness in the same month to get my account information removed from his account. The customer service rep stated it would be removed and I would receive a refund. I contacted lifetime customer service again in february of 2017, stating the same information and that my account was still listed. I received the same response: "we are sorry for the confusion and the oversight, we will remove your account and refund the dues." I looked for a third time in may of 2017 with still no resolve. It is now 12 months later, and I am still getting billed for a service i've requested be terminated.

I spoke with bab (a supervisor) today and she stated there was nothing that could be done. She stated there were notes on the account from february of 2017 stating customer service had spoken with my significant other about coming in to make a payment. She also stated there was a note from april of 2017 stating my significant other said he was going to come in to the local lifetime, set up a payment plan, and change the due date. First and foremost, there is no way customer service could have spoken with my significant other on either one of these dates because he was not available for phone calls and his phone number had been disconnected in october of 2016. Considering I did not have these types of conversations with any customer service reps, it's obvious the notes on the file are incorrect.

My significant other and I were considering getting a family membership, but it is disconcerting that lifetime is so willing to take someone's money without a signature authorizing bill-pay and then refuse to work with the customer when something happens. Never in the times I called was I told I had to go to the local lifetime to resolve the issue, I was always told "we will get it resolved." I would much rather spend my money on another fitness center and let other people know about lifetime's less-than-ethical billing practices than deal with this again.

As of the date of this complaint, I have been charged $848.00 between 12/2016-11/2017, for services that have not been used.

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