LetGo / unethical behavior

United States

My son began speaking with a seller on let go named Marley Walters from Clarion PA on 6/18/17. The product he was interested in was listed as an Iphone 5s. in excellent condition for $200. He asked if the product was still available and she replied with yes. He asked if the price was negotiable. She stated, "I paid $250 so what do you want to pay?" He replied, $150. She said, "Okay, I'll do $150." They then began talking about where and when to meet. He asked her if the phone would work on the ATT network. When he typed ATT, he mis-spelled it but she replied with, "AT&T? It's unlocked so any network." They finalized a place and time to meet, The Marienville PA Dollar General Store at 10:30 AM on 6/20/17. They exchanged the product and the money. Shortly after, I began getting messages on my Let Go account demanding the $200 that the product was originally listed at. She began with, "I wanted $200 he gave me $150." I replied, "I thought you guys agreed to $150?" She said, "No, I said $200." I looked back in the conversation and saw that they had in fact agreed on $150 and I reminded her that on the 18th she agreed to the $150. She replied with "No! I said I'd do $200 no lower than that? I need another $50." I replied with "No you didn't. It says in early conversation $150." She said, "Too bad! I want the other $50. I have it for $200 and I want the full price. I need the money for something by today." I replied with, You told him $150." She said, "Other $50 by today." I said no. Then I got a message that stated, "This is her mom. She doesn't remember saying $150 so she wants the $200 for it." I told them it was in writing and they I read what it said and that I had the conversation on my phone. I said she couldn't say one price and then demand another. Her mom replied with, "whatever. She had it listed for $200 she needed that money for something but whatever." I replied with "She told him $150. If she needed $200 she shouldn't have said $150. I can have him bring the phone back and get his $ back but she said $150 and I screen shot it." She replied with, "Whatever keep the damn phone." So then we tried to activate the phone on my ATT account. I tried twice. They informed me that the phone is locked and the person we bought it from (if they are even the owner of the account) has to call and have it unlocked by Sprint and then they need to give me the lock code they receive before we are able to use the phone. So when they informed us that the phone is unlocked, it is not. I attempted to contact them on 6/22/17, asking them to unlock the phone so we can use it but they have yet to reply.

Jun 27, 2017

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