LetGo / they want to return the item they bought from me

United States

The person came and checked out the phone from me, the phone is brand new never been used. I negotiated the price with him. He put his own sim card in it to check it out. He checked the phone out for at least 15 mins. I am guessing he set it up as his own as well. Now he texted me saying he does not like how the screen, he says its smaller than what he usually uses, and that he gave it a try and he is not happy with it. I am very weary about meeting with this person again, they kinda weirded me out. We shook on the deal and he gave me $160 when the asking price was $200. Should I meet with him again to give him is money back and get the phone back, or should I say no refunds? Thank you.

Sep 18, 2017

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