Letgoscams for days

First of all,

I sent and received at least twenty messages back and forth with a user. I sent her air Jordan 8 bugs bunny, air Jordan black 8 and beats by dre headphones.

We had a lengthy conversations about how she would pay and finally settled on pay pal. She sent me two very credible looking emails that seemed to be transfers via paypal, and the cost she would send would total $300.

I am forwarding the two emails she sent me, that I later found out we're made up emails. I've never been scammed so I trusted that they were legit.

I tried to stay positive and list another item. Within an hour 10 different people reached out. Every single one was a sketchy bot with no photos, saying it's a gift for a son, can they send western union? No you can't send western union.

This is 2017, send me a venmo. Every single one blocked me once i said the word venmo. This app is a ###ing joke. PLEASE vet out your users. It's absurd I can't get a single real person to reach out to me.

May 03, 2017

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