LetGo / samsung galaxy s6

I put three Verizon phones on your app, because I needed to make the money back so I could buy food for my family. This guy starts messaging me today saying how he wants the Galaxy S7 I had really bad, but I told him I had that one sold already. We're messaging back and forth about the price and whatnot, then he starts telling me he needs a ride to go to the other side of town to show his "girlfriend" whom he's buying the phone for, so me being the nice guy that I am told him ok...So I went and picked up my brother to ride with me because it seemed a bit suspicious. So my brother and I went to go pick this guy up and on the way there I told him I had to pick my brother up to give him a ride as well, he sends me a message back saying, "you can go ahead and do that first if you want". I told him I was already there, which I was. I rolled down my window in my truck and asked the guy who was sitting there with this girl if he was the one trying to buy a phone off of Letgo, he said "yes" and jumped in my truck. We proceeded to the other side of town, which is about 7 miles or so, and he told me to pull over behind this white vehicle that was in front of the address 1415 Douglas St. Sioux City, IA...he went in for about ten minutes, then came back out and asked me if it would be alright if he gave me part of the money, which was $60/$150 so he could show his "girlfriend" with a hurt ankle the phone because she couldn't make it down the stairs, so I said yes and handed him the phone feeling a little more comfortable about the situation. He was in the house/apartments for about 15 minutes, so I messaged him "I goat get going"...(no reply) messaged him again, still no reply... so I called and straight to voicemail 3 times in a row. I walked up to the front and realized that there was a side door and there was fresh foot prints in the snow, because it had just snowed where we live... I called Verizon and they said there's no way that he can get in the phone until I get that bill paid and then the phones will be unlocked as soon as I do...which is what I was going to do if he wouldn't have been a freaking thief. Then I tried looking on the Letgo app messages that we had between us, and their gone!
You people need to come up with a way such as putting a payment method on your app so everyone knows they're dealing with real people, and if something does go wrong, they can be found and identified very easily, and handed over to the proper authorities! This is bull****! I just lost my job the other day due to medical reasons, and had to come up with a way to buy food for my 4 children, and my I was trying to sell these phones on your app to do so, and look what freaking happens! I get Robbed! The guy was about 5'6" to 5'8", Hispanic or native, tattoos, wore a black hat with black sunglasses on top of the hat, a black backpack, black jacket and shirt, like a marble colored black and white pants...I don't remember his name when he told me, because it was some little thug, gangster wannabe name, but his profile first name said Ben...I doubt that's even his real name, because I'm sure this isn't the first time he's done it! My friends and I are going to try and set him up so the authorities can deal with him, and so he doesn't continue giving your company a bad name. Please help me some how.

Tylo Cook


Mar 12, 2017

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