LetGo / review to be removed


on my account 'POkiri' reviewed on my account a very inaccurate negative comment. He states that my responses were slow, I'm untrustworthy and we chatted over a long inquiry; however I messaged him June 20th and this sale was resolved in less than 24 hours. That's not a long response time as people work have kids and cook and not to mention sleep. I also did not have a long conversation I asked the GB size and I gave me offer which he believes I wasted time. I have my messages on my account I can screen shot if needed. How can he even say I'm untrustworthy he has never purchased anything from me nor did I say I was going to buy and not show up. I asked a couple questions and he was not happy w my offer in the end and gave me a bad review. This is not accurate. if I did take long and I did carry the conversation for a long time and then lowball then I would not be able to fight this w the evidence in my account conversation. The conversation was a total of 3 responses each- that is not long or is that lengthy. I would like this review removed off my account immediately. Thankyou.

Jun 21, 2017

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