LetGopurchased a broken product then harassed by the man because I wrote a bad review about him!!!

Please answer if there's such a thing as customer service with "Letgo"?
I purchased a CD player from a man named Steve in Calgary Albert and a computer cord. Over a few days the player completely falls apart, it skipped, not even opening plus making a strange wheezing sound. The cord didn't work either. I tried numerous times contacting this man but it was at a point he didn't respond back. I noticed a new option with Letgo to leave a review! I thought great! I can let others be aware of this guy. Well it got really bad after that. All of a sudden Steve started texting me calling me a lier, putting me down demanding I change my review!all of a sudden he says he will refund me! He then threatened he would tell on me with Letgo! It got to the point I had to block him. Plus he made me nervous! By that point I wasn't going to meet him!
I sent an alert to letgo a week ago explaining what happened no response!!? I find out my review on this guy is under investigation! This makes no sense! It makes it look like I've done something wrong! So I'm the one who gets scammed and threatened but my review is under investigation but his temper and scamming me goes unpunished? Way to go Letgo! You clearly need to take some classes in busines ethics!!!
I can't believe I've wasted my time with this !!!

Jan 24, 2017

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