LetGo / iphone 8 plus from chrissy cole

I ordered a iphone 8 plus from a seller name Chrissy cole. She lived in Atlanta and said that she only shipped instead of meeting up because she moved. Being skeptical as always I questioned her about scamming me and what not and she proceeded in telling me that she would never scam me because shes a mother of four, blah blah blah. I then sent her $325 for the Iphone through Zelle just for her to stop responding to my messages after she got the money. She had told me that she was GOING TO OVER NIGHT THE IPHONE TO me to prove she wasn't scamming me. I never recieved the iphone and she stopped replying to my messages. I then called my bank and filed a report on her because she refused to refund me my money. She going to jail for fraud .

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    her email is



Jul 24, 2018

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