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My name is Reginald Drummond I'm a 48 year old disabled war vet I served for the United States Marine Corps from 1988 to 1992 serve two and a half years in combat in Iraq in the Gulf War came home injured lucky to be able to walk so here's my problem I'm sitting in my attorney's office after having numerous conversations or numerous post sent to you in regards to how come you guys can't get the picture order right I've been asking since November 9th of 2016 never once have I ever gotten a honest answer two since I started getting upset about the fact that you guys are costing me a lot of money because you can't get the pictures right and you don't seem to understand how important it is when we post our first picture that's the picture we want people to see some of us have been able to start a small business with you guys because of the way you're able to advertise for us my concern is that you now lost the incentive that you had when you originally started this here in Canada now you don't have that anymore you've got a bunch of lazy people who consistently say sorry and don't know the meaning of it somebody needs to teach them that sorry is not a word it's an action and actions speak louder than words and your staff have done nothing but disrespect me over and over and over again now they've got to the point where no matter what I post they discard it they don't even read the ad if they see a picture that looks like another picture and they're not the same picture they look it's the same picture of the same room with the same products but it's a different ad instead of you reading the ad you just discard the post so I spend all day trying to post something and can't do it I open up a different account with you guys and I'm able to post everything I want and it gets posted immediately when I post on my account it doesn't get posted for hours and hours and hours but yet I'm posting from the same phone just to a different account in the same city in the same location and I'm able to get my post posted immediately but if I do it through my account where I've been complaining to you guys about the pictures and how you guys have been upsetting a lot of people on letgo there's over 3, 200 people on Facebook complaining about the same thing with you guys and I told you guys that we had we'd gotten an attorney to look at this and he says that we have no no problem filing a class action lawsuit against you guys for negligent you are consistently making major mistakes and costing people money I understand that this is a free classified site but don't offer a service if you can't provide it and you may be able to do this well in the United States but you don't do it well here and if you have a problem here and this is the first you're hearing of it then don't blame me I've been trying to tell you guys since November 9th of 2016 that you had a problem and now it's got to the point where you guys don't even want to hear from me anymore you won't even let me post anymore but yet you haven't told me I can't use your site anymore you just don't post my post so tonight I did this with my attorney here so he could see what was happening guess what you're in some serious trouble and I will be filing a lawsuit against you my phone number is [protected] again I'm a disabled decorated war vet silver star and a Purple Heart okay Purple Heart presented to me by President Obama by the way so understand me that don't think that I don't have friends that I can't make enough noise that I can't cost you 15% of your clientele and 15% of your clientele is going to make you stop and go s***should listen to this guy we should have helped him we should have done something but when people find out that this is the way that you treat disabled war vets let's see how that goes for you you have my phone number and there's no reason why you shouldn't contact me and I mean like within an hour not going to happen just like everything else with you guys nothing ever happens I've been asking for you guys to call me since November of last year you make me sick you guys hide behind your internet like it's a big Shield you know I promise you you're not going to be able to do that with me and Court do you know what happens to companies like yours that discriminate against people like myself turn off for me to get by with PTSD Gulf War syndrome a broken back 24 titanium wires holding my skull together and having to deal with people like you makes me sick to my stomach have the courtesy if you can find that absolute one or two minutes wrote you're so busy day of doing nothing besides sitting behind the screen and you tell me why this is happen to me because nobody else wants to tell me anything you want to lie to me you want to pretend to apologize but you do the same thing that very next day so you don't mean it and you don't know what it means stop saying sorry you don't know what it means and you don't mean it and your staff need a very very good lesson in manners

Jun 20, 2017
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      Jun 21, 2017

    I have no idea what I just read! It would be beneficial if you could reorganize your thoughts, add in the much needed punctuation, and re-post it so people can figure out what you are trying to say.

    You sought out an atty because they "can't get the pictures right" and they are deleting them?
    What does being a disabled war vet have to do with any of this? Are they refusing to allow you to use the service because you are a vet?

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