LetGoapparent block on my email addresses at letgo and offerup... why?

I had been an occasional user for several years, first as a buyer/shopper and then as a seller. My household, graduate school books, and used clothes and beauty salon items were all nominally priced.

1) I sold a few items and most recently a like new textbook for $20., I allowed the buyer to come to the outside gate of the senior community where I reside.

2) Subsequent to the first textbook sell, a different buyer wanted one of my textbooks for $20 so we arranged a meeting at the Post Office during daylight hours in myCity, CA and apparently we missed each other due to lack of identifying information to recognize one another at the meet location.

3) I am not certain but someone wanted the same textbook and asked to meet...citing that they were in Orange County, and willing to come to Los Angeles County, to get my textbook. I was sceptical because of the distance and because the person(s) missed the initial meet arrangement the day before. So, I chose to ask the person to meet me downtown at Starbucks which is across the street from the Police department... increasing my safety comfort.

4) This person(s) missed this appointment despite my efforts to get out of the car with the book hold it high to been seen, walk into Starbucks with the book hold it high and hangout in front of starbucks waiting for this person who never showed up. Then I went home with my textbook and the potential buyer reached me intra-Letgo app and asked me to come back, I went back and the person never responded to seeing me there.

5) I lost my privilege on Letgo and OfferUp that day. Now Letgo sends me notices about buying and selling, asking for my business but never allowing my email and profile to buy or sell.

6) Please help me get back on either Letgo or OfferUp. Church groups want me to show them how to sell their stuff. I want to sell my stuff. I have done nothing wrong to my knowledge. If so, forgive me. I have a Facebook account, Google mail, Instagram what is the problem? Why have I been targeted to be shut out of Letgo and Offerup?

7) I am a law abiding American citizen. I have no criminal record. I would like to use Letgo/OfferUp. I apologize for not disclosing to the buyer my vehicle description, make and model... neither did the potential buyer disclose. We neither described our gender or physical appearances, clothing or anything. In retrospect, I was wrong.

8) My Facebook photo was visible to the potential buyer but his/her/theirs was not visible to me. I was afraid.

9) Please restore my privileges and notify me.

10) Contact me, Letgo and OfferUp daily send me emails and suggest that I LOGIN but I cannot anymore no matter how many times I remove the app and reload it. There is clearly a BLOCK on my profile and iPhone, Apple, and PC products. What went wrong? HELP! Please explain? If you want to talk to me please email first and I will reply with my phone number.

Jul 29, 2018

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