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Leslie's pool mart / Terrible place to work

1 2701 sw college road suite 604b Ocala, FL, United States Review updated:

I recently was let go from the company after a years worth of work. In that time I can 100% say that it is a terrible company to work for. The upper management in the areas of District and regional management are severely lacking in accountability and fore sight. Store managers like myself are the work horses of the company and are over worked and under valued and paid. I work for 2 months straight at one period with not support or help from my so called support system of upper managers. The store is only open 75 hours a week and i was physically working 74 of those hours. The company's training and operational standers are dilapidated and antiquated to the point where managers are ill prepared for the responsibilities of the job. Also promotion is something that is forced upon new employees. I went from barley knowing how to run a shift by myself to being promoted to the store manager in 3 months. Then when mistakes were made do to the fact that I was under trained it fell on my shoulders for the blame. Simply put the company will look to the store managers as an escape goat for any larger problems that upper management is to cowardly to take responsibility for. They use you and work you for as long as you can stand it and then will they will fire you. Do yourself a favor and avoid working here at all cost. I have also seen first hand managers that have been with the company for over 5 years leave for the way the treat there employees. I was not given a clear reason whey i was terminated and it seems to me that it was plan on for months. They just wanted to get as much out of me as they could and then let me go.
Frankly screw Leslie's pools.

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  • Le
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    We need to talk and put our information together for a class action case.
    email me at Im more than ready

  • Sc
      27th of Aug, 2017
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    @Leslie's Dumped Me Me also when you hear my story you'll say what the email me at

  • An
      27th of Aug, 2017
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    @Leslie's Dumped Me I was hired but never got called into work

  • Is
      9th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I know who you are and I know you were let go. I am not the "upper management", but rather a previous 'sister store'.

    I don't even know how to respond to the level of bologna that has just been spouted, as almost every sentence in this wall of text is unfounded and tinted with the displeasure you clearly have regarding parting ways with the company.

    I have been with this company for over a decade, and have not seen a single manager past 3 years quit over anything other than better job opportunities (and who can blame them?).

    Never is anyone *forced* into management in our company, as that would be destructive on ourselves in the end. The fact that you cannot self motivate nor seek help from others for coverage/employee hiring is no one's fault but your own. As a STORE MANAGER, it is YOUR responsibility to beef up your store's staff, and no one else's.

    How, exactly, did you get that 1 sole hour off in an entire week? Are you trying to tell the world that you were sent coverage for 60 minutes for an entire week's worth of working? That doesn't even make logical sense.

    Any time you felt overwhelmed, you had the option to call in for support. I guarantee I never got a call from you, never was asked for help, nor was any other manager in CFL that I talk to with any regularity. The blame falls squarely on your own shoulders, and the sooner you learn to take responsibility for your actions, the sooner you can be a more productive and happier adult.

  • He
      27th of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Issame You must be upper managment or got payed to write this

  • Le
      10th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Straight up lay the cards on the table. If you want to vent, then be accurate.
    1. You could have at any time spoken to your District manager for help.
    2. You could have gone over the District managers head to the Regional if the DM was not helping.
    3. You say you were not completely trained to run a store, but you accepted the position anyway. You could have said no, I am not ready but instead lied to yourself and the company. No one forced you.
    4. Every manager in the country manages to run their store with the equipment provided. Requested tech support is always provided when asked for. Why didn't you?
    5. Training on how to run a store is provided to all managers in book and video form. These materials are located in every store. Retrain or revisit the materials if you didn't know something. Ask someone at another store. Blaming a DM for your lack of initatiave is a cop out.
    6. You were given reasons for your termination. You know why but don't agree with them for the excuses you provided.
    Did you do everything in your power to become a better store manager? Be honest with yourself for a change and accept that it is no one's fault but your own for your termination. I will not talk bad about you, but own your actions. Good luck with your future endevours!

  • Le
      17th of Jan, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Yeah Leslies is a bunch of Liars and like most top heavy companies they look for a fall guy when the numbers dont come out in their favor. I am in the process of bringing a discrimination lawsuit against them. You fired the right one here Baby. And he said ask upper management for help . Yeah right thats like saying hey I dont like this company so fire me. Un Happy Pool Guy I feel your pain but you gotta shake it off and move on. Good for you that you didnt invest more time into this company. They will not last for much longer once the cutomers realize that they can get these items for less. Only good thing about Leslies is a good free water test...

  • Un
      26th of Oct, 2014
    +2 Votes

    The truth is the original poster is correct. Leslie's Sucks and is a horrible place to work. And you'd be hard pressed to find a store manager with more than 2 yrs experience. The response to the original poster probably came from a District Manager or Corporate. There is no way a "Sister Store Manager" would have or waste time responding. And if a "Sister Store Manager" was searching Leslie Pool horrible place to work it would more likely be not to defend Leslie's, but to support the original posters thoughts and feelings.
    Leslie's boasts a 70% promote from within, but where do all these openings come from? There's a 70% turn over rate. And for the outside sales people the turnover rate is probably higher. Many people are seasonal and sent home in the middle of the day if its slow.
    The wages are low! They do not pay adult wages. If you do not live at home with your mom and dad this is probably not the job for you. There is no career path there is no training. Once a year they saturate you with everything and hope you'll remember anything.
    Leslie's Sucks, you do not want your mom, dad, sister, brother or kids to have to work there. As most people at Leslie's say, Its better than being unemployed. There's a slogan, Leslie's, its better than being unemployed.

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