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  • Lm
      23rd of May, 2013
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    I am the owner of Les Maisons Investments and this person is not even a client with us, so who knows who she might have even spoken with ? But to slander my company is a lawsuit if you ask me ! So i will be looking into this persons problem! We have let a couple sales reps go so this might be a mad fired rep as well ?

  • Lm
      23rd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Her real name is Carol Bourge and she is not a client and she does not live in Tn. she lives at: Address: 224 Chelmsford Street City: Chelmsford State: MA Zip Code: 01824 We called to to offer our Advertising services and now she is Slandering my company. We found her paperwork we had sent to her ! Advertising is what it is Lady !!

  • Jo
      30th of Jan, 2014
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    These guys are for real.
    They did what they said they would do!

  • Te
      26th of Nov, 2016
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    I received a class from Les Maisons Investments Inc. Salesman (Mark) - December 2015
    i am client # MA-T578727
    Les Maisons Investments Inc.Salesman - Hurry up and get Your (almost) $900 payment to Les Maisons Investments Inc. in and "we'll take care of You"
    well, it's been almost a Year ... everytime i Have been contacting them ... i always get ... "we're working on it, we'll get back to You!"
    for my almost $900 - hurry up and pay - I GOT NOTHING.
    BEWARE ... You only have 3 days to cancel (refund) ... What (??) if they don't sell Your TImeshare in 3 Days ??? ... Yep, You're Screwed !!!
    BEWARE ... contributing almost $900 for Les Maisons Investments Inc. to do nothing,
    BEWARE ... contributing almost $900 for Les Maisons Investments Inc.for their Beer and Pizza Parties
    i just should have - HUNG UP on these Guys .. .when They Called me - ... PROMISES, PROMISE (for almost $900 !

  • Ge
      1st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    This company is a scam. I paid $1996 to a men Walter Hudson and had to call him to get him to respond on whither my timeshare sold at auction. I do not believe there was ever an auction that took place. He kept telling me the same stories over and over again. I finally had to get two jobs because this would not sell. I began to email him and this month on the first of May 2017 I went to call him and his phone has been disconnected. I reported them to BBB and will be reporting them to the federal trade commission. DON'T Do business with these guys they will steal your money and you end up with nothing. I even tried to tell him to lower the price to $10, 000 but still no results. If the owner is reading this still look me up I am in your data base and need results. Gerald Hilterbrand II

  • Os
      9th of Jun, 2017
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    I agree with Mr. Hilterbrand II.
    Walter Hudson - BS artist!
    When I declined to give him my card number for 'the $1, 996" I would need to put up before I got my $15, 996 this AH said "You, 're disqualified any way. Bye"!
    Then, the S.O.B hung up as I was trying to ask what disqualified me.
    I hope I didn't give too much info by providing my card's expiration date and billing address.

  • Rb
      7th of Aug, 2017
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    Today is 8/7/17 I might have known!!
    727-491-3118 does not work now. Anybody got a better number for Les Maisons Investments?
    Or Walter Hudson?

  • Ji
      25th of Jan, 2018
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    @RBW1 A guy named Jeff Grossfield called me yesterday with the same $1996 offer above. Don't know if you resolved anything, but his number is 727 935 7687. He told me my timeshare would sell for $19, 000 at auction, I offered it to him personally for 10K so he could make 7 or 8k. He wouldn't do it. LOL

  • Su
      27th of Feb, 2018
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    I received a call from Walter Hudson, in May 2017. I should have went with my gutt, but didn't. Like a gullable senior citizen, Walter was very persuasive. I paid him and this company 1996.00. Signed the contract. It was sent to me a week later. Walter gave me his direct line. He was going to an auction that weekend. He said he would call me with prospects. Not, I had to call him every week, I received different excuses, people weren't up on their maintenance fees, having trouble getting money to buy, and so on. I dillengent called till the end of 2017. The excuses were Walter wasn't their because of the hurricane that hit Florida. He was back in Miamii. Some other excuses were the fires in Tenneesee. My resort is Smokey Mountain. the fires didn't effect my resort at all.
    So since I haven't heard from LesMaisons Investments since December, I called every week in January getting answering machine. Their highly trained specialist would get back to me as soon as possible HA. Never happen all of January and all of February, till February 27th, I called and Keith answered. He said my contract was not ineffect since August. I needed to send a letter asking them to promote my property again and they would not charge me. After 90 days, this is in the contract. But, I spoke to them back in October, November and December and was never asked to do this. Well to say the least I wasn't happy with Keith and he was not happy with me. I kept questioning him and he didn't like it. So he said I needed to send them a letter, and take the complaint off the better business bureau, which I put, after they been giving me the run around since I gave them the 1996.00. Well he finally hung up, but didn't know I was still on the phone, and Keith said [censor] You [censor]. Now I know this is a Scam Company. I have dealt with the Justice Department of New York before, to get these Scam Companies Caught. I am a customer, not Like the other woman they are saying she don't have a contract with. Please do not do business with anyone who says they can sell you timeshare, auction it off, rent it. They are Scammers.

  • Ve
      11th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    Don't believe anything that is said about an auction - the written contract overrides the verbal promises. They are only an advertising company and have no obligation to sell your timeshare. This review cost me $1, 996 to make - hope it saves you from making the same mistake! I am angry and embarrassed to have been caught in this scam! Verna

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