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Lenovo Thinkpad Battery / scam

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Lenovo is a scam when it comes to Thinkpad batteries. I called Lenovo after buying a new $3000 Thinkpad computer a little over one year ago. Ever since I purchased the computer the batteries have been charging less and less. Finally, both Lenovo batteries died so I called Lenovo support to get them replaced. I was told that the battery warranty is only for one year and that while I could extend my laptop warranty, Lenovo doesn't extent the warranty on the Thinkpad battery. They were rude and told me that they test the laptop batteries and that they only last from 6 months to 2 years. A $3, 000 computer with an extra battery and both batteries died after one year!! They said they would not replace the batteries and that I would have to buy new ones. Each battery costs over $200! That means that every year a person would have to spend $400 to keep a Thinkpad running on battery? Lenovo is a complete ripoff. Had they told me about that when I bought the Lenovo Thinkpad, I would have never bought it. Over 5 years, I would have a total investment of $5000! That's a crime! I'm sure I'm not the only person caught by this Lenovo Thinkpad battery scam! The support center said they get these calls all day. Someone should do something to put a stop to this. I don't think Lenovo would sell many computers if people knew about this problem. I will never buy another Thinkpad based on the terrible Lenovo service and the Thinkpad battery scam.

Lenovo Thinkpad Battery

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  • Ja
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    I completely agree with you since I had very simmilar experience.
    I bought lenovo x300 a little over a year ago, and my battery died completely! If it has 50~60% of its original lifetime, I can accept it although I wouldn't like it, but since it DIED COMPLETELY, I cannot accept it at all.

    I called the lenovo service and they told me they cannot cover it at all (and in very rude way, too)
    I asked if lenovo batteries can die completely in A YEAR and THREE MONTHS, and Kwame Gayle, the superviser of technical support refused to answer. I could only make him answer to this question: "Depending on the usage pattern, can the lenovo batteries die out completely in a year and three months, and is it acceptable?" and he said "yes", and told me I can quote him.
    He said that it is lenovo's official answer, and told me I can quote him (as long as I quote him literally) using his name.

    While I could make him answer only that question, I'm a student studying computer science, and I pay much attention to battery lifetime. I set the power management option to "optimized for battery lifetime" and I rarely use battery.

    I told Kwame Gayle that I can provide proof that the battery had problem 3~4 months ago (at which time it is under warranty) by sending them lenovo thinkpad center warning message, but he just cut my sentence and said no.

    That's the kind of service that they are talking about. I will never buy lenovo again - even if I do, I will replace my battery at least once right before the warranty expires (and I recommend you to do that too, since it just happened so suddenly)

  • Le
      8th of May, 2011
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    I have worst experience. My Thinkpad W500 2010 model with 6600mAH battery was still holding charge for ~120 minutes. It lasted that long just a day before its charging cycles maxed out.

    Lenovo has a charging cycles counter, once it reaches its max, Lenovo has programmed it not to charge any more. To make it worse, it my Lenovo will neither accept nor charge a compatible (non-Lenovo) battery. And its not a warning only in my case.

    Lenovo Compatible batteries are priced anywhere between 25 to 50% ($60-$100)of what Lenovo charges ($200+) and have upto three times the Lenovo battery Guarantee. Lenovo rips off just by placing its stickers on the batteries.

    Is there a Govt agency, where I can complain. Who is Lenovo to tell me that I can not use non-Lenovo battery with a laptop made by them? They have sold it to me and I am the lone owner. Now its up to me to do whatever I want to do with it. Maximum they can do is void their warranty but they can not refuse to charge a non-Lenovo battery.

    Has anyone jail broke this Lenovo for its battery ? If you can share the experience, I would appreciate it.

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