Lenovo S6000delay of repair of tablet

February 2014 I signed a contract for a Lenovo S6000 tablet with Vodacom. Since October 2014 when switching on the tablet it froze at the Lenovo logo. November 15, 2014 the tablet was handed in for repair. I was informed that it had to be sent to Bloemfontein for repairs and can take up to two weeks. After two weeks inquire about the tablet at Vodacom Chatz Kroonstad where it was handed in, I was informed that Vodacom cannot repair the tablet because it is not their product. I had to provide proof of ownership, invoice, delivery note etc. which I did. After another few weeks inquire about the tablet I was informed that it cannot be repaired in Bloemfontein because Lenovo has their own repair company in George. The tablet will be sent to George and that might take about one month. When once again inquire about the tablet I was informed that it cannot be repaired in George and have to be sent to Johannesburg to "Let me repair". Every time I go to Vodacom Chatz Kroonstad I am informed that they have not received any info regarding the tablet. It is now 3 months later, my Vodacom account is being paid on time, but I have no tablet. This is absolutely unacceptable. Vodacom's customer service it useless. No effort has being made to provide me with a loan unit or any apology and explanation why the tablet is not yet repaired.

Feb 05, 2015

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