Lenovo Ideapad U430 / charged my card and canceled my order

n a, United States

On 03/28 I placed and order for a Lenovo IdeaPad U430 and I had 2 payment choices - to created a Lenovo account or to pay through Amazon. I chose to pay through Amazon. I placed the order and received a confirmation email and an order acknowledgement. On 04/01 I received another email that my order has been delayed and I will receive it within 30 days. On 04/04 I received another email that my order has been canceled. "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!" I called to inquire why my order is canceled and the explanation was that they ran out of the products but if I want I can order something else. How unfortunate. I was also assured that my card was not charged. Well, I was charged but Lenovo seems to think this is not their problem and I should contact Amazon to get my money back. Also according to their customer service Amazon should reimburse all credit card fees and interest charges. Since they don't have the product anymore I asked if I can get a similar product for a similar price instead. I was offered IdeaPad 530 at almost double the price. I guess this is how they understand customer service is China (Lenovo is a Chinese company). It's not their fault that they are offering a product they don't have. It's not their fault that my card was charged and It's not their fault that they cannot ship the product they don't have but took my order. It's very "unfortunate" is what they say. Dear Lenovo, you're in the business of selling PCs and laptops. Please check the news, this is a declining product category. I'm a customer that has the willingness to buy a laptop from you. You decided not to sell it to me. Thank you for you time.

Apr 7, 2014

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