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Bangalore, India
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I had purchased a Lenovo laptop -Y50 - 70 (CB36190336) on 3rd Dec 2015 from Amazon which was covered under international warranty. The moment it got to me I witnessed an issue of the screen flickering which was a manufacturing defect. Since then I've had the laptop submitted in the lenovo authorised service center of Bangalore (LENOVO EXCLUSIVE SERVICE CENTRE - 1575, 11th Main Road, Aurobindo Marg, 4T block, Jayanagar) at least 8-9 times in the past year and I get the same issue again and again. I have the receipts and details of each instance. I have not been able to use the laptop to its potential ever since i bought it. Moreover I have to go through the tiring process of removing my personal data before giving it in each time. This is the pathetic experience of Lenovo's products and services.

Even after giving so many verbal warnings to the service center officials, I haven't got any redressal. Lenovo takes consumers for granted and try to mislead them till the time warranty expires and then say nothing can be done now. I even paid extra to get the warranty extended for two years because I didn't want to hear this.

My biggest mistake was to trust in Lenovo and buy a Lenovo product, which I will never ever do in future. Being a UX Designer & UI Developer, laptop is of utmost importance to me. It has affected my profession and has harmed me extensively. I had to suffer a lot of mental trauma because of this. Since, after so many complaints and warnings Lenovo did not take any action, I'm forced to file a consumer case against them. The consumer complaint number is (#297637).

I have suffered enough for me to trust Lenovo anymore and I would like a compensation for all the hassles, inconvenience, loss and mental trauma that I had to go through because of the defective product provided and the lack in providing resolution to the problems. Even after all this I am ready to give them one more chance (15 days max) to get the laptop picked from my home and get it fixed or replaced. If they're not able to fix it permanently within 15 days or if the issue pops up again, I'll be forced to drag Lenovo to the court of law.

Lenovo Group
Lenovo Group
Lenovo Group

Jun 09, 2017

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