Lenovo Flex 14 Laptop / sent defective item (didnt replaced and charged a restocking fee)

United States

Hope i can give a no star to this hopeless website, I placed an order for Lenovo Flex 14 laptop (Order Number : [protected]-1 ). I received it onetime and opened the box couple of days later and try to use the laptop for an hour it was making noise and excelling excessive heat ( Which a new laptop won't do ). I doubted it was not a new one and looks like a refurbished or defected. I immediately contacted Adorama Customer service for an exchange they sent a return label and i returned it and i forgot to return the charger, Realized immediately and sent the charger the very next day. Both the laptop and charger was reached Adorama on 08/25/2014. By this time i made more than 10 calls to their hopeless customer service to make sure everything is in place. I called them on 08/25 th they said we received it completely and we are going to process and issue a new laptop in 8 business days. I waited and called back them on 09/08 they said the returns department didn't started the process yet will expedite it. The very same day i got a refund of $411 as i bought the same laptop for $499 ( I asked for an exchange they didn't do that and on top of it they charged me a restocking fee ). I called them back almost immediately asked to speak with their supervisor.
Here starts the actual drama, She told that the returns department is not able to find the charger i sent thats why they charged me with the restocking fee. I provided all the tracking information and she promised me to call me back on 09/09 with a solution. She called me today and explaining that the laptop was not defected thats why we are charging a restocking fee. She was rudely asking me like take this defected laptop or go to hell.
Let me explain about this supervisor ( Her name is Aira P Email : [protected] ). She was the most disgusting customer service lady i have ever encountered with. She know that they sold a defected piece, in return she is blaming me on purchasing that laptop. How would i know its a defected one when you guys advertised it as brand new one. Every time i called these people they kept me on hold for so long time and on purpose irritated me like anything, I asked Aira to get hold of their returns department evaluation guy who evaluated the laptop i can explain it to him, She was not able to do that ( Why because the reality is they don't have a guy who evaluated that and more over they didn't evaluated it ). She was so rude to me asking me take that defected laptop or we already charged the restocking fee ( That means literally telling me to go to hell we already charged you can do nothing ).
I need to tell this to Adorama, In the first place never advertise refurbished or defected things as new ones and don't cheat your customers. Secondly when a customer complained about some defected items, please evaluate properly and don't lie to your customers. Thirdly teach your customer service people a minimum courtesy and how to deal with customers especially to Aira P. And finally this will be my lat purchase in Adorama and i will play a significant role in publicizing about your false and fake items you sell and how falsely you mint money from customers to fill your pockets, And i will try to stop as many people as i can visiting and purchasing from your Junk website.
Tip for consumers: The only tip i give to everyone is stop buying from this website, This is a totally fake website. They sell all defected items and when you find and returned it they will charge you a restocking fee of close to 20%. PLEASE NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE

After that i wrote reviews on several websites. They called me and asked to remove all those reviews after that they are going to refund the restocking fee they charged. I refused to remove the reviews as they are going to help lot of other people who are trying to buy in their website. So they told that they are not going to refund. They threatened me that if i remove the reviews they are going to refund other wise not.

Sep 15, 2014

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