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My husband and I contracted Len the Plumber through the technician Tim Profili to replace a broken sewer line on Monday, January 25, 2016. We decided to hire his company's service against another company because he promised to do the job the next day. By Tuesday, Tim called to reschedule the job to Wednesday because he claimed they needed more time to get together manpower and logistics. By Wednesday, Tim called again to reschedule the job for the second time to Thursday, claiming he needed a “sign off from the neighbors”, and that “we cannot come out there unless there's a signature on the sign off”. I asked Tim when I talked to him why he could not secure that signature himself when he and his team, including his supervisor Kara, came to survey the area. His response was, “Well they're your neighbors”. I do not understand why he did not ask for their signature when he talked to three of my neighbors the day we signed the contract and we paid him upfront 1/3 of the total cost of $5839 on January 25, 2016 upon his insistence. Tim even told us that day, January 25, that he asked our neighbor's permission for him to park Len the Plumber vehicles and equipment on their parking space. I personally find it very unprofessional of Tim to talk to our neighbors about our problem and put our private business out to the community. We talked to his supervisor Kara, who admitted she was in our neighborhood on Tuesday to survey the place, and we asked her why is it that she didn't ask our neighbors' signature when she was in the area. She brusquely replied that it was our job and that “we don't have any contact information”. Both our neighbors were at home the entire day on Tuesday when Kara surveyed the area, which means she could have easily knocked on their doors to secure their signature. It stated on the contract we signed that Len the Plumber will obtain the required permits and contracts. Both Tim and Kara stated that they will not come to do the job unless we have the waiver signed. I told her that she herself could ask for my neighbors' signature on Thursday before they start the work. She was adamant that we do it and NOT her or Tim. I could feel her outright refusal – the message being they will not repair our sewer pipe unless WE have our neighbors sign off. When I asked her why a signature is needed, she initially replied that Len the Plumber will need to use our neighbors' lawn to place the dirt that they will dig from our yard. Tim said on Monday, January 25, that the only place they will dig is on OUR lawn and that no pavement will be dug up and that whatever dirt they dig will be placed on a truck. Now here is Kara telling us, on the second day that the work has been rescheduled, that Len the Plumber will dig on our neighbors' lawn and dig even through their pavement because “It's 12 feet deep; that's a huge space!”. This was not what Tim told us when we signed the contract. I feel that we have been misled, and that there was a misrepresentation of the actual problem and the job that Tim proposed to do, and that both Kara and Tim's insistence on us getting out neighbor's signature, NOT THEM, is their way of washing their hands from the responsibility of Len the Plumber destroying our neighbor's property.

Jan 27, 2016

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