Len the Plumberbackup not cleared

Back in September, Len the Plumber sent out a kid to clear my main line. So called kid plumber was cocky and didn't clear the line. He also messed up house by performing unnecessary work because he didn't listen to me.

He removed the upstairs toilet, which by the way isn't working right still. He dragged the machine upstairs and downstairs throughout my house unnecessarily.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Annapolis, MDHe would not listen and finally when he did take the machine outside to the main line, he still didn't get it cleared. Despite his "If I can't get it cleared, then no one can". He used my extension cords and didn't roll them up. The machine left nasty pieces of stool in various areas. When he opened the value in basement he allowed it to spill all over the rec room. He didn't clear the line, he created unnecessary disgusting waste in various areas. etc. He refused to clean up any of the filth he created.
Then refused to leave w/o me paying $444

Nov 08, 2017

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