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Polokwane, South Africa

Dear Legalwise

I have not got any correspondence with regards to my complain.
I have been a loyal client to your company for past several years. Now i am assistance but you are now where to be found.
I think i should terminate my monthly contribution with and look for the help out there.

I am a reachable on this addresses, [protected] or frank.[protected]
Only if you are interested in helping me.


Frank Makgata

>>> Frank Makgata 2017/10/23 09:18 AM >>>

Dear Legalwise

I went to Sekhukhune Small Claim court on 20 October 2017, as stated on the summon.
When i got there i found that the sheriff did not delivered or served the defended with the summon.
When i ask why, they said they were busy serving the summons from magistrate court and those which brought by the lawyers. They said i must just go to Small claim court and amend the date. They said the personal summons are not treated as an urgent. The company is working every day and they are making more money every day. The sheriff told me that even they can be order to deliver they will do so in their sper time. even if they can be ordered to attached the property, those people do not own property. they only rent an office space in order for them to work.
They said i am just forget about this as they are busy with the requests from Magistrate court and the requests brought by the lawyers. I asked them to gave me whatever they were saying in writing but they refused.

Instead, they gave me the number for Acting Deputy Sheriff and the Manager if i want an affidavit.
These are their numbers; Acting Deputy Sheriff, Mr P Phiri, [protected] and the Manager, Ms Nthabiseng, [protected]

I have already spent more money on traveling than what i am claiming for.
I took a leave without pay to attend the court, this implies that two days i took as leave without pay will affect my pension fund and service bonus. I can not afford to loose another days like that.

Since you do not represent in small claim court, this implies that you do not have power to act as the lawyers.

I am left with no option but to have talks with other relevant bodies to assist me in this regards; they have the power to act, they care about their clients, they represent in every courts.
I will speak to Scorpion Legal Protection, Clientile Lawyers and Speak out.
I will explain to them each and every steps i took. Do not be surprise if you heard and see me on SABC Channel 2 when i mention your name. i will not take your calls as i will be busy talking to these companies.

I hope you will understand by anger and frustration.


Frank Makgata

>>> Frank Makgata 2017/10/02 12:41 PM >>>

Dear Legalwise

The email dated 26/09/2017 has the reference;

It has been a while sending the below email and attachment no one seemed to attending it.
No call or any written document(s) has been correspondent to me.
I think i should take my service to any other legal expert to assist me.
Because our legalwise as our representative is not here by the of need.

I am left with no option but to approach Scorpion Legal Protection, perhaps they will assist me.
I will also have to stop contributing monthly as i do not see a point of paying it monthly, while when i need them i can not find them.

My court case is just around the corner and i have to see how i approach any other legal team.

Hope you will find this in order;


Frank Makgata

>>> Frank Makgata 2017/09/26 09:34 AM >>>

Dear Legalwise

I have a court case on the 20/10/2017 at Sekhukhune Magistrate Court.
I have opened the case of fraud against Bopedi Tombstone (Case No: 64/2/2017)
And i also went to magistrate court to open a case (Sekhukhune Small Claim Court, Case No: 179/2017)

On the 13 of June 2017, the Sheriff (Mr M P Phiri) went to deliver the letter of demand to Bopedi Tombstone.
The manager signed for it but failed to deliver within 14 days as stated on the letter. The 14 days ended on the 15 of July 2017.

They (Bopedi Tombstone) called me on the 23 of June 2017 saying they will deliver on the 02 of July 2017.
I had to take a leave to go home so that i can be able to receive my goods, but they have never came or deliver as promised. I also took a leave on the 14 of July 2017 thinking that they will meet the deadline of the 15 of July 2017.
They have not pitch up until today. I went then went to the Sheriff to collect a letter and submitted to the Small Claim Court on the 22 of September 2017. The small claim court gave me a date of 20 October 2017 at 08h00.

Please see the attached documentations from the court.


Frank Makgata

Oct 24, 2017

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