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I had a bad feeling about Erica Jardine the property manager of Village Place apartments 32 17th Street San Diego, Ca 92101 December 2010. I almost did not sign the lease because Erica has an underlying evil presence about her. Village Place is owned by St Vincent De Paul-Father Joe Villages. My problems started when I agreed to play chess with a Black Mafia member named Willie Ray Meadows Sr of unit 321 who was on parole at the time. We had a dispute December 2012 and he called me all kinds of names and threatened to hit me. I hated him after this. I told him I hoped he went back to prison and was evicted. I had no power to do this. March 1, 2013 on a Friday around 6:30 pm two white males and a white female with a dog entered Village Place aka New Jack City. First they went to the second floor to Johnny's unit a weird acting Black man. Then Willie comes out on the balcony and yells to the woman, "Hey Mami come up here". So she does with her dog. According to Regina White they were meth dealers and when Black men are high on crack and meth they like to watch porn and women having sex with dogs. The police questioned Meadows about these people because he was on parole at the time. This angered him so he consulted with Rebecca Fortune of Kimball, Tirey & St John who told him to put a restraining order against me based on lies. The San Diego sheriff department came to my unit over 50 times to harass me out of there. When this did not work, Willie, Lorraine Prenters, Regina White and Gervon Flanagan conspired to set me up to be evicted by lying in court about me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Diego, CA July 4, 2013 Lorraine attacked me with a chain without cause. According to US Secret Service agents she had just been released from jail for dealing drugs on the property yet not evicted. She had been arrested June 28, 2013. I called police bout the attack and they gave her a citation after viewing the videotape kept next door at Villa Harvey Mandel 72 17th Street where St Vincent De Paul security sits. She was then given a citation and I was issued an eviction notice case 37-2013-[protected] CTL UD CT by Gervon Flanagan for defending myself. My attorney Julie Lewin was weak in the courtroom against Judge Jon Meyers who denied her a jury trial. They also left out my police report and the police officers testimony that gave Lorraine the citation. I won the case with stipulations. A few weeks after the trial, Lorraine began to threaten to harm me. So I emailed police about her. I told them that a tenant named Samuel Hollman of 322 complained about Regina White, Lorraine Prenters, Mike Hoffman, Sabrina and her husband of 201, and Veronica of 302 coming to his door with bags of crack. This infuriated Rebecca Fortune who demanded my emails from Google and Cox. Shortly after that Samuel Hollman's body was found in the desert and I was issued a notice to vacate. CEO Sister Tricia Cruz was asked to resign by Father Joe Carroll for embezzlement March 2014. My new attorney Richard Lewin has agreed to appeal the eviction. I suggest anyone not ever move to California especially San Diego. The city is littered with dog and pigeon waste, drug addicts and dealers. The Black Mafia has so much power there with corrupt judges, and police a God fearing person does not stand a chance.

LegalAid Society

Feb 17, 2015

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