SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / / order number 4895929 manager christle was very rude

United States

From affiant: andre: bey c/o 2356 navajo ct apartment c peersburg, virginia republic near [23803]
Leatherup corporate office & headquarters
955 venice blvd. Los angeles ca 90015

Affidavit of fact

"notice and demand opportunity to cure and defend"

In reference to order # 4895929 manager christle for the record have discriminated against me being disabled I have not received my package and I have audio recordings of her misconduct I will print a ledger of everything word for word by a notory public get it authenticated by secretary of state then a public record apostile number will be assigned and it will be used against this corporation for discriminating against disabled peoples of this republic

She stated due to 45 days have past she would not exchange resend nor reship or refund my package or money which is a scam.

Maxims of law
Notice to principle is notice to agent notice to agent is notice to principle

You have 3 calendar days from this receipt to respond back point for point to said interrogatories via email to this affidavit of fact via mail to email address [protected] which I am andre: bey or corporation and manager christle from june 15 2017 6:40pm agrees to pay I am andre: bey 13 million dollars in lawful money for the record

1.) do leatherup inc engages in discrimination against disabled citizens?

2.) does leatherup inc think they are not obligated to abide by federal law u. S. C. Statutes?

3.) does leatherup inc teaches there employees manager agents etc. That after 45 days even if a customer is disabled and did not receive there package that there is not solution for disabled?

You have been put on notice nunc pro tunc ab initio carbon copies will be forwarded contact nuber is [protected]

Jun 15, 2017

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