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purchased a LazBoy sofa and 2 chairs on 5-28-09 and I have not received them yet. I love lazboy as a company and I love ther product. All of the furniture I have is from Lazboy and it has always been the best of quality and service. This time around my order has taken much longer than expected but I have been informed that they have been taken over by a company called SPCI.

I have also been told that the previous owners were franchised from Lazboy corp. and that they are the ones at fault for my order taking so long. I was told that this new company is here to clean up the mess that they left behind and that they are honoring all of the orders left from the old owners. I am confident that I will receive my furniture and I will love it when I do get it. I understand that things happen and as long as they are willing to get me my furniture I am willing to wait a little while longer. I once worked for a company that had this happen to them and it was very difficult for all involved to handle and having had that experience helps me see that it is not the sales persons fault or this new companies fault. I have read some other reviews and they all put down the sales person but really they do just work for the company to feed there families and they have faith I am sure in this new company!!! So for the time being I will too.


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      Jan 15, 2009
    Lazboy - defective furniture
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    I purchased a sectional sleeper sofa and end tables, I had problems from the start, the sticthing on the front is bad, after a week the cushoins are shifting out of shape, the arm on the end is loose. You can not turn or change the postion of the pillows and they are looking really bad after just a week I did call, right away I was told they were to busy at that time to come out and take care of it. They made an appointment and did not keep it, I emailed they called made another appointment they came out made pictures turned the sofa upside down, long story short I was called this morning and told that I have to keep this poorly made furniture. I have not made any payments, and I do not plan to I told the manager to pick up the furniture. I have never been so unhappy with a company. Thank you carole lowell, [protected], [protected]

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      Sep 29, 2009
    Lazboy - fraud alert
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    La-Z-boy recliners suck. I'll never, never own another one.

    I have a motorized recliner. It has had a new motor, hand control, wiring harness, hand control, hand control, and now a fourth hand control.

    They want $125.00 for this last control which replaces one after only 6 months of use. I wouldn't hit a bull in the *** with their cheap Chinese controls.

    Needless to say, I'll drag it out of the house and set fire to it. Give it to Goodwill? I think too much of those people to do that to them.

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