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First and foremost anyone that leaves negative comments about any company or medical facility should be prepared for some back talk! First the negative is not applied to everyone, so you that are posting these opinions of LSI, really should do your homework just a little better. I totally understand if someone has has a bad experience .I myself have been there with a back surgery in 2009 by local Doctors, but at the same time I didn't talk down or trash the doctors. Everyone has there story, and wants to tell it.Well has anyone checked the success of LSI patients, and the stories of how they have gave thousands and thousands of people there life back! As I speak Im one of them! Yes my short story goes like this. I have been in pain for over ten (10) yrs.One very hard very invasive surgery in 2009 which did help 10% but living in pain with a back that no one wanted to touch.I owe my life to LSI for the blessing they have gave me..thats life again.I felt as I had stepped into heaven and i had nothing but angels around me helping me.Im very sad to hear that anyone had a bad experience with LSI. Everyone should realize that no one in this world is perfect and there are always going to be negative things happen to people, but please you that have left your negative feedback, stop and think.Your story or my story should not influence another person's thoughts.Like I said no one is the same everyone has there own issues.Let them decide what to do!! I pray for those that have had bad experience, and may they find there peace and happiness where ever that may be.God Bless !!

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  • Wi
      Nov 27, 2012

    I don't believe they can even help with minor problems other than to inject steroids. Had their so called surgery and ended up disabled. Had to pay 30k prior to the operation but was assured by LSI that I would be fully reimbursed. After over two years fighting with ins received only 6k. LSI then would not reimburse anything even after their assurance. This was my retirement fund and I informed them of this. Anyone that would operate this way is nothing more than ###. A friend of mine let them "operate" on him . His results were even worse than mine if you can believe that. The hundreds of complaints on this and other sites aren't there for no reason. Please do your homework and stay away from this place they have no morals and will do anything for money. Also be aware of the many shills on this and the other sites they will say anything for their paycheck.

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  • Bo
      Jun 19, 2013

    I am just doing my homework now. My husband saw their commercial on TV and wanted me to call. Then they wanted me to send my MRI, and they said they could operate and help me when no one else will. Hmm...

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  • Ro
      May 14, 2014

    Surgery should always be your last resort, outcomes are not guaranteed to be the same as others that had the same surgery, if you do decide to have surgery then make sure you ask the doctor that you will use if they ever had a malpractice claim against them and if they did then it is up to you to find out how that doctor treated that patient that caused the malpractice in the first place also check the hospital to see how the re-act to malpractice and ask your insurance what they will do if a malpractice occurs. Doctors and people that work in hospitals and insurance companies are people too and some are prone to lie and cover up their mistakes and even make it hard for patient to seek justice, and that is just the way it is. But one thing that everyone should remember God is real and He records everything,

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  • Ki
      Apr 25, 2016

    I have had 2 operations; one 2014 and 2015 the doctors and nureses were great to me. What happened to me was my own body over correcting with scar tissue.I end up pa I may be facing a fusion noow. Every body ... body is different I would not dare blame them if I end up paralised, My doctor told me I could so I'm staying with them. Having another MRI to see whar if anything is next. I know what can happen it want be their fault if my body doesnot responde correctly to the perceders. Gods' grace is sufficant for what ever happens to me. Even if it goes not as I wish. Loved my doctor.

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