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Don't buy from this scam artists

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They sent me photos of the land that they are trying to sell, I made a downpayment on it. I personally checked the land, the photos that they sent me do not represent the piece of land they are selling. I went to the area's City Hall, spoke with the representative and I was told that its a swamp land. I cannot build anything on it, no sewage, no house because its a wet land. There was also an electrical tower imposed on the land. They didn't have this information on the internet. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!!
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N  21st of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Well...maybe you can turn it into a small lake, fishing, swimming...etc?. Where there is a will, there is a way...yes indeed?
N  3rd of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
They seemed nice and worked with me when I found out negatives on the Lot they lowered the price and interest.
A  30th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am currently in a purchase situation with Land Central over 10 acres bought sight unseen through the internet near Bend, Oregon. Yes, I know about due diligence and prudence but my reasoning for doing it this way was that I figured I knew the area and the price down was so cheap $40, price of land $17k, that I figured it was worth the risk until I could get out there to check it out. It was one of those 24 hour moonlight sales that they seem to do and it did not give me time to check the property out first. I went ahead and put the money down and then made one payment a month later for about $315. I did not start making calls to check up on the property until two days after that monthly payment was made. I called the County and discovered that it will take nearly $6406 to merely make a formal request to get the land approved to have a site built house or manufactured home put on it. I was told and reconfirmed by the Deschutes County office that this property might still not become approved for a permanent dwelling even after I spend all that money making the request. The request process included a variety of fees which add up to this amount, it is not all one thing. The final fee and process includes talking to some kind of public hearing or committee to get approval, and if that approval does not come, all that money would be out the window. In the meantime, all the property can be used for is temporary usage, either for 30 days every 60 days for free, or you have to pay about $800 for a temporary permit which only allows the person to put an RV on the property to use six months out of the year. In other words, the property is so controlled by the County as to be almost non-usable. It is not what was expected when I took the risk: my expectation was a likely flat desert property on the south to southeast side of Bend off Hwy 20, an area I have driven through and have some familiarity with; what is mostly out there are ranch lands and flat lava rock areas. My expectation was to get an ugly dry piece of land without any utilities, but because it was remote and undeveloped area, I figured there would be more personal autonomy in the use of the land - put an RV or manufactured house on there, stay in it until you can buld, then build, that sort of thing. I did not expect such strict restrictions from the County on something so far out of Bend in the hinterlands. It has something to do with the fact the property is on the edge of a wildlife refuge.

Beyond this, neither Deschutes County nor the Assessor's Office could find my name anywhere in reference to this property although the purchase had been made over a month before. They found the name Jetta Financial out of Carson City, NV but could not find any record of Land Central or Radius Management. The County nor the Assessor's Office had any way of knowing whether or not I was a legitimate buyer. They would not be able to authorize any further work on the property for me without that proof. My first monthly payment, taken out of my checking account, was to Radius Management. There was no indication of a Jetta Financial.

The other concern after learning I was not in the County Records as a buyer on record for this property was the issue of trespassing; if I had found the property and parked an RV on there, a sheriff could have come by wondering who was on the property and could have tried to arrest me - or a neighbor could call and complain of suspicious activity not knowing I was a buyer. Without proof at the County that I was in fact a buyer, it would have left really hanging out there legally.

In addition, without proof that you have one contract going on a property, Jetta could keep reselling the property and collecting funds from other buyers with no buyer aware of the other party. When I wrote a few emails to the company complaining their only response was that to cancel the contract I could pay $200 and that Land Central/Radius owns Jetta Financial. I demanded that they refund all money and told them I would not pay that $200 - to cancel the contract immediately. I also indicated that it is illegal to not record a Land Sales Contract with the County and that by not recording, it leaves a buyer very vulnerable to all kinds of problems. Land Central did indicate that Jetta holds the deed until the property is paid off.

Because the paperwork that came in the mail had no signature per contract on it, just some rather non-useful maps, a non-physically signatured Land Sale Contract and a data form sheet with unfortunately things like birth date, social security number and how to put the buyer's name on the deed (single, married etc), it is a suspicious contract. The only contract is an esigned contract. It was expected that a written and signed version would follow and back up the esignature copy but no such thing came in the mail. They do not have a legally binding contract; a legally binding contract is an agreement in which all parties have a meeting of minds contract with everyone's signature placed on it within a legal time period. No buyer or seller signatures occurred anywhere during this transaction. There is no place that a signature shows itself from the Seller.

In addition, the properties do not have title insurance or surveys which means the buyers are hanging out there in terms of being sure what they are buying is what was represented as the legal description. Lack of title insurance means there can be glitches in title even though the Sellers state that there is marketable title on the Land Sale Contract sent in the mail with the Data Profile Sheet.

A woman named Ashley with Radius out of Vancouver did respond to my emails in a timely manner and did offer helpful advice on how to find the property using GPS coordinates but the style of coordinates she offered did not exactly match any of the formats that Garmin uses.

They did send a card in the mail with signatures of everyone in the office and a drawing info that if people made extra payments during the month and provided a contact phone number, they could have their names entered in this December drawing. THis is mentioned because there are certain behaviors and approaches the company is using which come across as more normal or legitimate seeming. It could be a way to mask the other problems in their business behavior.

This information is shared in more detail to help other people have something compare notes with. Since Land Central has refused so far to refund especially the December payment, I have told them I would alert all Better Business Bureau, consumer protection agencies and would spread this bad news about their business behavior online. They have been sufficiently warned that was coming down. My objective is to report this bad business behavior to the Bend, Oregon area; the Vancouver, WA area and the Carson City, NV area where this questionable finance company they own exists. Is there any connection with the land sale frauds and lawsuits in Nevada and this finance company? Does anyone know?

With enough of this kind of information placed on the internet, numerous people can start comparing notes and it is possible that some kind of joint lawsuit may become possible so that all victims get their money back. If enough people can share notes, this means attorneys hired to investigate and sue these people will have more evidence and useful back information to make their case with.

What is probably happening is a lot of people are getting screwed but they don't complain or make comments on the internet or with the consumer protection agencies. They just walk away, money lost. These people probably count on that. It is suspected that we are dealing with an extremely devious finance company; it is probably worth fully investigating just exactly who owns that company.

Good luck to all of us. Let us hope we get our money back; it is likely most of us did not expect a whole lot for this type of process, but we expected at least basic human rights - the human right to have the sale recorded authentically in a public record with the County and the human right to have full year long use of a property with normal types of dwellings. We did not expect the properties to be beautiful, to have utilities or even utilities nearby - but we expected at least to be able to live on the property in a manner we saw fit in the more remote areas. Land Central is hiding being the "AS IS" clause too extensively; there is a point beyond which even "AS IS" is not acceptable and has hit the range of scams and extremely bad business practices. To deliberately entice a buyer to a property that is not authentically recorded or usable is a type of serious scam. If you cannot use the property year round in a normal manner without spending thousands of dollars, the property is not worth what Land Central has charged for it, no matter how cheap it by most standards.

Some people would not mind buying a temporary use only property, but it should be disclosed to the public that is what it is. People should be not lead into believing it is something they might live on normally if it is not. Going the extra mile with a few disclosures would really make all the difference between this company acting like scam artists and being more fairly oriented. This Jetta Financial is likely to be a real shark. People think they are dealing with some kind of real estate land developer and then only later discover they are dealing a Finance Company. Most people think they are dealing with real estate sales contract types of activities which do not include things like banks and finance companies, and if they knew a finance company was on the other end of these online sales transactions, most people would probably walk away. Doing business with a Finance Company is a lot more involved than dealing with just a real estate company, because most finance companies have extra ways to get into your private finance records online and elsewhere; they are more likely to be more privacy invasive, as well as more likely to act like sharks going after a bad debt. They may be more insidious in their approach to demanding payments and going after people who do not follow their cheesy esigned land sales contracts.

That's it!
N  30th of Dec, 2016 by    +1 Votes
@Bend, Oregon LandCentral Land Sale Contr I paid off my land in Colorado, got my deed about 6 weeks later and just got a small tax bill from the local county with my name on it so it is legit for me.
D  30th of Dec, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Oregon is one of the worst states in the union to try and do anything concerning property. If you had taken a couple of minutes to call the numbers pertaining to the county zoning, etc., those people would have told you all you needed to know about what your investment will entail. I learned the hardway too! But, buyer beware, always beware, so if you know what you are getting into and just need a place to park the camp trailer, or put up a "skid" cabin/shed, then go for it. If you are looking for a manicured lot, white picket fences already installed, then have a good dream.
N  24th of Feb, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Aviso a todos los Hispano no compre terreno de land central yo perdi $3, 000. dolares compre 40 Acree en Hollbrok y [a Tieers no tirnr ni aqua ni lus me gusto 18, 000 y la estan vendiendo de nuevo . Estas Persona de Radio managemen son umnos mentirosos.
N  19th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
I too purchased land at Land Central.
I could never find the unsurveyed 10 acre parcel outside Van Horn Texas and the Colorado Pueblo County parcel in Rye was a locked out property with title 17 zoning that no longer exist there.
The issue is within the local farmers of the area.
They tend to develop relationships with the Planning Commissions, Archtecture commissions and conservation groups in the area.
I lost about 1800 dollars from the investment and when I saw the chance to reclaim the Colorado parcel that went into foreclosure I would have grabbed some of my equity and actually would have paid on the property with no money lost because the lot was offered at 1000 dollars less than the original price.That 1000 would have been what I lost on the parcel originally and when Land Central saw that I had recuperated my lost they said I had to pay 600.00 to stay active.
I will not say they are a scam but they do hang on the legality lines quite close.The LLC Jetta Financial is public record but it is just a holding company name sort of "Fictitious Domain"that Radius Management prepared on their own.Radius Management contracts. .are often very rural and epa, enviromental and tax laws may not always be defined to consumers without hidden cross languages.
Anyone can buy an LLC and shopping for real estate should always be done in person.
I have since purchased land that comes with refund up to first year, owners names and physical adress plus phone.
If you are looking to buy land shoot me an emai@danielgvn8@gmail.com
Lets move ahead together.
D  1st of Aug, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I bought an acre in Oregon and paid off the property fairly quickly and recieved my land title in the mail very promptly after the last payment. I have to admit, I was not entirely sure the purchase was on the up and up until I saw the title and got a tax bill in the mail. Land Central and Radius Management never sent statements unless I requested my balance and I never got any other paperwork besides the loan contract. Having said that, I am a very happy owner of property in a great vacation area. I will be using them again. Just do your homework and know what you are buying and all should go very well for you.
A  1st of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
My only problem with Land Central...is everything with them, goes along as smooth as hot butter on toast. It's scary that you are getting treated like royalty, they will work with you...and just because something doesn't happen overnight with them, if they say they will do something...consider it done or they will get with you and discuss whatever needs discussed. They are not out there trying to sell you the moon and paradise and being condescending to you at the same time. You are right...do your homework, make sure that is what you want...even if you have to venture a couple of buck initially...it is worth it in the end.
D  19th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
hi i've bought five lots from land central in az, or, and nv each one had parcel#s and county records phone numbers it was very easy to check what i bought before putting any money down and in the site it tells you to chrck it be for you buy to make sure it is what you are looking for and meets the need you have .if any of you are so stupid you cant read plain english on the site go back to school and learn how to comperhind what you see in plain open print.as far as the swamp guy i looked at some land they have in wi 40 acres and when i did what the land cental site said to do and check before you buy i did 10 mins on the phone with the county recorders office which in got the parcel # and phone # off the site i found it was swamp land to thats not a bad thing i was going to start a crawdad from but i had tom let it go back to land central do to my job slowing down but there was no charge for that.i've let three lots go back to land central do to work well the lack of work in the last five years and not once have been charged a cent for doing so .now as the one guy that let the lot go and then tried to buy it again just the try and save some money your the scammer not land central.as far as the name on the property at the county recorders office it takes time to do the paper work up and send in but with what i hear here i dont blame them for taking a little time for sending it in and as the one guy said its a finance company not a realtor i wouldn't put your name on the deed until you paid all the money for it either. now with that said when i did need to be showen as a buyer i make one phone call to land central and had it faxed to me to take down to the recorders office .is it really land centrals fault you all cant read large or small print or is it your fault ? hmm i wonder how you all have made it this far the way you try and do bisness
N  20th of Mar, 2015 by    +1 Votes
I have a piece of property in AZ have been paying tax for years on it land central gave me a clear titel years ago got a letter stating from the tax office in santa cruz county that there was 4.568.00 back taxes due way back from 1990. have tried to get to the bottom of it but so far no luck after 6 month of trying. Jette Clark
N  20th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
I have a piece of property bought from land central been paying tax on it for years Oct 2014 got a letter from santa cruz county that there was back taxes due from 1990 in the amount of 4.000.00 + well land central issue a clear titel years ago and I am getting no where with them to get them to payd the back tax or refund the purchase price of land to me I need to get my name off the titel Regards Jette Clark
N  26th of Sep, 2016 by    +1 Votes
people people people land central tells you to check out things with the local cities and ask questions . which I have been doing so far every thing i have checked out has been ok . I called land central and ask ask all the questions i needed they told me what they had on record and then told me to call for more info . its called covering your back and smart people do this. I am sorry that you have had a bad experiacne but this is not the sites falt it is yours .
N  18th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
i too have been taken due to non diligence, However I am look land looking for a partner that would like to invest so that we can get a larger piece ofland, no restriction's want to homestead it babin, solar chicks grow food etc .. Iam familiar with north Carolina, teneseeband the blue ridge mountains, heading out to California on aug. 21, to check out Utah Nevada Montana, I will be out west cali until sept 12 anyone with knowledge and the same goal call me Charlie 9412565073..God bbless..and thanks for reading, if you know of a great bpiece and need some capital call me as well.

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