Lancome / charged for a gift card I never ordered

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I use the Lancôme website to order their produce I found it easier however I will never purchase from them again. I received an email on 3/2/17 that my order had shipped. The order was for a 100.00 gift card which I did not place. I contacted customer immediately and they stated someone would review and would contact me. Never received a reply. I then sent an email on 4/26/17 with the info . When I ordered I paid via pay pal. I contacted them and received a response that Lancôme verified the order. I then contacted Lancôme again and received a response on 4/27 asking for information such as who the gift cared was for, the purchasers names, email etc. I replied I had no idea since I didn't not order this and it stated it was for me etc. I did receive a reply that they were sorry and were looking in to this and would follow up with me. Never Heard back. I also contacted my credit card company they have been working on this and the last info I received from them was that Lancome said I purchased this. I gave the credit card company all the info again. One other item was I received the email that said it was sent to me but it wasn't and the credit card company said that they provided the email to them it wasn't mine and they would again contact Lancôme. I will never buy from this site again.

Jun 13, 2017

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