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Lancaster County Children And Youth / termination of parental right/false accusations

1 900 e. king streetLancaster, PA, United States Review updated:

children and youth terminated my parental rights because i was locked up and couldnt complete the child permancy plan (cpp)
cys used my sentence for the basis of their decision.

i sucessfull won my appeal due to an illegal sentence and have since been released from prison.

cys wont even let me visis my children and the caseworkers ignore my calls nor do they responds back to them

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  • Th
      5th of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    they took my kids to my husband had molasted them but i dont care the case worker was heather my number is 717-668-8139 call if u want to theressa

  • El
      15th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    i dont thnk that children and youth is doing there job for the simple fact there was a baby tookn to the police station like three days ago by someone esle i never in my life seen this they gave thisbaby back to this young girl in two days this girl dont go to school they didnt test her for drugs and she smokes weed shes 17 years.s whats the diffrents you were lock up and fare is fare and theyare not beinging fare to soon as they gave this child back to this dum girl the people put her out. last night this walk around with this baby in the street.i call them and they didnt even come check it out.they are not doing there job right i no that for a fact.they drink in this house they time tell them about the girl they gave that baby back to they di d no investagation on these people i can give you the street name but not the address ok they will no her name is rosa on pershing avenue. good luck on getting your kids back

  • Si
      20th of May, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Me and my husband are being put through pure hell. Once again oday we were visitted by them because someone called and made false accusations against us. We had to take a urine drug screen test in our home and the results came back negative. But when I called them to tell tthem myy daughter and son were beaten by their father and abused and neglected by their fathers, mothers boyfriend they didnt do a damn thing. I had pictures of the bruises and everything. I called multiple times and not one phone call back. My ex is still around my kids and is under the influence of crack and marijuana but do you think theyy drug tested him hell no!

  • La
      2nd of Sep, 2011
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  • Je
      4th of Feb, 2013
    +2 Votes

    My two girls father had to be taken to the hospital, they were with him for that week, he was staying at a motel that was perfectly safe to be in. Unfortunately my phone was out of service that day, so the police took my kids an took them to cys(the kidnappers). Yes we are going through financial hard times right now. CYS had my grandmothers address they didnt even try to contact her or take the kids there. I had just moved a few weeks prior to this. regardless my kids dad was only in the hospital for a few hours like 3. they took my kids had court papers drwan up an everything it has now been almost a month since I seen my kids. They said they made every effort to reach someone Idont think so. They are all crooks an kidnappers are children are being legally kidnapped people wake the [censored] up!!! They all even the lawyers you get working together to make money its such ###. SO now its a crime for us parents to get ill, fall on finacial hardship an not have a working phone for a few days. Lazy ### fat ### that work there. they act so dumb, An when they tell you your kids are FINE, THEY are Eating, sleeping, playing blah blah. DO YOU NOT HEAR THE SCRIPTEDNESS. REALLY! its all untrue my kids are freakin the hell out cuz I an there father are all they really have in there life. These people are hurting kids emotinally which scars forever, then a broken arm or a cut...these people need to be put in jail. please email at

  • La
      24th of May, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Hello i am going thew hell right now i lived in ephrata lancaster country and never seen what i know i have 4 children and i had cancer i was sick for a long tim and what cya was doing they said i couldn't rasie my kids when i had my husband to be was working i have the grandparnets living with me and i am so sick of what i have seen in my life they have destroy my family they where spoused to help my family but i am so sick of what i see they have used everything in that court room and i have done everything that they ask never refused now borth of my daughter are scared of me and my family because what they put them threw and nothing thing i dont belive that the forster parnets should be telling kids what gose on with the system and how it work well they did it to my kids i dont have nothing to say but i want to say i was yes threat by my child they left the kids do what they wanted to do and they told us that we have nothing to do with the children now they dont even talk to the parnets at all

  • Re
      14th of Dec, 2015
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    C&Y never contacted me when they placed my newborn grandson from the hospital with strangers. They knew who I was and could have easily found out how to contact me, as I had raised my other grandson and they were involved with removing him from his parents home and placing him with me. They wore me down and refused to help me gain custody of my grandson despite the fact that I was approved for kinship care. They would not help, rarely returned my calls if at all, , refused to give me accurate information on the process to have my grandson and even made a racial comment about "Jews". I have never met my grandson and he was adopted by his foster parents after C&Y wore me down with their accusation that my son had been living with me for a period that I had not reported to them, which was a complete, blatant lie. They told me they knew this to be true because my sons attorney talked to them (without my sons permission) and told them that. The attorney told me that was not the case and that he knew my son was transient and could not tell when he was living with me because it was very sporadic . C&Y took a newborn baby from a chance of being raised by his loving Grandmother (I'm also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has provided respite and foster care since approximately 2001 to present) who would have cared for meticulously and loved Christian Malachi Nauman more then anyone else could. Now I think of him every day and love him from afar. I thought this was America and I had rights however all I have learned from this experience is that one in this country only obtain rights when they can afford to purchase them with Lawyers whom are proficient in overcoming the power of Children and Youth of Lancaster. If I could have afforded those Lawyers and was not put thru the hell, challenges and barriers C&Y gave me, I would be raising my flesh and blood who belonged with me.

  • Ba
      18th of May, 2016
    -2 Votes

    My 3 daughters were taken in 2008. They showed up at their first visit with me 2 weeks later and the one had a 3 inch cut down the back of her leg and a burn on her leg. The other one had bruises on her spine that looked like finger marks. The list goes on. I ended up having almost 20 pages of burns, cuts, and bruises on my kids while in foster care. In Oct. 2009 my middle daughter got moved to a therapeutic foster home. She started having a lot of marks on her also. Including stitches. Whenever I asked about the marks I was told they fell. In 2010 my one daughters school started calling me about her IEP. They said they had sent certified letters to the Guardian Adlitum and all the letters came back unsigned. I went to a meeting at the school. The principal told me they had concerns for my daughters safety in the foster home. They told me that they had called childline 14 times and no investigations were done. In March 2011 right before a hearing I got a call from the caseworker. She said they were going to start reunification for my children starting with the middle one. She would have a one day visit, an overnight visit, a weekend visit and then be home the next weekend. The other to would start weekend visits on the weekend that my middle daughter came home for good and the weekend visits would continue until the school year was over. Well, I called my middle daughters school to tell the principal and she said that the school called the federal hotline to file a complaint against the agency and they just got a letter that day that an investigation was being done. Thats why they were sending her home that quick. So we went to the hearing and the judge agreed and told cys that they kidnapped my children and they never should have been removed in the first place. Well, needless to say my oldest and my youngest were in the same foster home the whole time and they were molested by the foster dad the whole time. My middle one was beaten, sold for money, pictures taken and put on the computer, locked up, and mentally abused in that foster home that the school was worried about. Of course the doctors, therapists, psychologists, etc all called childline to get the foster parents investigated and all the reports were immediately unfounded. I had a lawyer who was going to sue them. He said I have a very good case and he started all the paperwork. Then, he moved to another office and now it is supposedly a conflict of interest so now I have to find another lawyer to sue them. To this day they show up once a year and try to say that they recieved a call. I won't let them in they have traumatized my family enough. The kids have been home since 2011 and they are still having issues dealing with the trauma they endured. It is horrible.

  • Ld
      7th of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Im being falsely accused by Lancaster county children and youth, I have passed all my urine tests for 2.5 years, Did everything they asked of me and they still trying to terminate my rights, And have my 7 year old son adopted out to kinship Mennonite family, He was taken as a result of his mothers actions, Not mine, They never contacted me prior to him being placed, I have accumulated over 12, 000$ in legal and counseling debt, And they claiming Mental health concerns? I have very good employment, In process of purchasing a forever home for my son, But, Because I tell them my feelings towards this situation, They continue to claim mental health concerns, This is another of their shams as a corrupt agency.

  • Ja
      22nd of Dec, 2017
    +1 Votes

    this agency has caused heartbreaks that will never heal. my world fell apart in the hands of these people. taking babies and children for a financial bonus. they will have their day. TRUST ME

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