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Lady of America - Rockwall, TX / Do not sign any contract without reading it first!

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I wanted to share my experience so that others may be careful about signing any contracts.

I received a card in the mail last June (2006) about a new club that would be opening in my area. The card read, "Join for as low as 14.95 per month". I called, made my appointment and went in to find out what they had to offer.

The 14.95 option was for a higher registration fee (299) and one could only go three days a week. I opted for the "middle option" which was 29.99 per month with 149 down. Nothing was mentioned about the length of the membership. The recruiter was trying to rush me out because she had other appointments waiting for her. She told me that I could "read it at home" later. Well, when I got home and read it, I found out that I had just committed myself to a 36-month term!

My company moved locations a few months later... making the distance to the club at least a one hour drive to get there. In January, the club called me to come in and get measured (this is done to track your progress). I mentioned that I was having a great deal of difficulty getting there after work and that I was interested in changing my membership to the 14.95 one. I was told to call ABC Financial, which is the collection agency that Lady of America uses. I called and found that the gentleman on the other line was rude and told me that LOA should have NOT given me this number. He mentioned that the only way that I could cancel was to move 25 miles away from the nearest club.

Last Thursday (April 4), LOA asked me if I had any problems (since I had not been back). I mentioned that it took me an hour to get there after work. They told me to call ABC Financial. I just got off the phone with "Meagan" and she told me that I would either have to 1) Move or 2) be declared disabled by my doctor and having the doctor write a letter stating that fact. Both of those would be lies.

I cannot continue to pay for a membership that I cannot use. I cannot afford to join another club. I cannot afford to purchase additional exercise equipment until this issue can be resolved.

I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They have three complaints against the facility. Mine will make it four.

Do not sign any contract without reading it first!!!

I hope that someone will learn from my mistake. Thank you for listening.

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  • Ra
      12th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    All i can say is that this kind of "club" is nothing but a frickin joke, you can only cancel if you move or you are disabled? give me a break, it sounds like a bunch of ###s that tried to open this chain and actually run it, come to find out they are to idiotic to do so!

  • Ka
      2nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    i am having the same problem with lady of america!!! i dont have time to go so i tried to cancel the damn thing AND THEY TOLD ME I NEED A LETTER FROM MY DOCTOR otherwise i cant cancel i told them the truth i dont have money to pay for it anymore im a student and the lady told me thats not her fault which was the same lady who gave me the contract and told me if i wanted it cancelled to see her!!! ahhhh

  • De
      11th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had similar problems with the Rockwall Lady of America. Not only are the staff completely unknowledgeable about their services they are too self-absorbed in thier own appearance and personal phone calls to be of any help at all.

    Also ABC Financial is a TOTAL joke. Not only are they very rude but they had my account so messed up they were sending me 2 different bills for the same contract and then tried to make it my fault. They NEVER got their own mess straightened and finally gave up and turned the entire account mess back over directly to LOA control. I have stopped going completely and stopped paying and never intend to return. My supposed contract is up in November and I will NOT renew.

  • Te
      6th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with LOA. I love it and haven't regreted signing my contract. I plan on renewing when it runs out. It is unfortunate that you weren't told about the length of the contract because it was the first thing they told me. I'm guessing that you work an hour away. I drive an hour round trip 5 days a week to get to the gym. Instead of being upset use it as a motivator to get you to the gym. I would drive an hour one way to keep myself inshape if thats what I had to do. You might want to check to see if you can transfer the membership to someone that lives closer. It's worth a try.
    I'm guessing you are relatively young and just haven't had enough experience with contracts. Hopefully you have learned a life lesson. Always ask the length of the contract and multiply your monthly payments X the length of the contract plus any down payments and extra fees so that you know the exact cost of your term. Good luck

  • Te
      6th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sorry I had to add one more comment. It seems to me that you might want to talk to your company about refunding you some of your money since it is because of their move that you can't attend the gym. It is of no fault of LOA. A contract is a contract. Filing with the Better Business Burea because your company moved their location isn't LOA's fault. There would be no point in contracts if everyone was allowed to cancel them. Your only complaint is that you signed without reading a contract. How can you blame LOA for that? Right now the housing market is in disarray because people signed contracts that they couldn't afford. Should we let them out of their finacial responsibility because of that? You do realize that you DO NOT have to pay that contract. It will damage your credit but they can't make you pay it. It's your choice. I did it once with an AT&T cell phone contract. If it's under a certain amount I believe it comes off in 5 years. I feel for you but at the same time I don't believe you have a case and I don't think that filing with the BBB is going to hurt them one bit because it is obvious that it's your own fault that you are in this situation. Sorry but I think most people have done the same thing sometime in their life. I can say that I have. I'm just trying to be honest. If this is the worst thing that ever happens to you, you are a lucky girl. :)

  • Co
      22nd of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Lady of America is AWEFUL!!! the manager is So rude! Im in a contract with them and i wish i would have never done it. this place is a total joke!!!

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