La Quinta Inns & Suitesunethical / rude behavior of a so-called general manager at la quinta inn in mesquite

B Nov 29, 2017

Date of incident: 11/22/17
Client number: P60190158
Description of incident:
I called the La Quinta Inn in Mesquite Texas at approx 1500 pm on 11/22/17 to cancel my hotel reservation as my guests from Florida had cancelled their travel plans for thanksgiving and I had enough room in the home. The most horrible rudest person took my call, identified herself as Mejorie Gen Manager and kept cutting my sentences, would not allow me to cancel and stated she will charge my credit card as I needed to cancel 24 hours before the day of check-in. I informed her that I had my printed a copy of the hotel's cancellation policy: CXL by 6 pm local hotel time. She would not believe me and insisted on charging my credit card. This upset me, and I asked if she really wanted me to physically present her with the written proof. Just for spite, she told me to come down to the hotel and show her my paper proof. This upset me more that I had to physically drive to the hotel to cancel a reservation. I showed up at the hotel and Mejorie started arguing and yelling at me, would not let me speak a sentence, kept cutting me off with her really LOUD voice, told me she I was rude, threatened to call the police on me, to get off HER hotel as this was HER HOTEL! I told her I was still officially a registered guest since she has not cancelled my reservation yet. She was very very UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL, HAS SUB PAR GUEST RELATIONS. A screaming, yelling, argumentative hotel employee, ever did she once try to calm down. I would have understood if it was a regular overworked clerk, but a GM? She even touted that she was very good at her job, that she'd been GM for 6 years, and that she went to school for it. I could only shake my head and say, "Whaat?!" I have her rantings caught on my cellphone video. This woman made my blood pressure rise, she really upset me! I waited for the police to show up, and when they did, they only talked to me for 1-2 minutes and left, as I never caused a raucous nor disturbance as this so-called GM had accused me of. I had asked to speak to her superior, Tony Patel, but was informed that he was not available.

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