[Resolved] Kwik Trip / Kwik Starcustomer service

The customer service I received was terrible at this brand new kwik trip in my town. The guy (wearing a white shirt) had his personal cellphone plugged in towards the trendar machine and was hovering over the counter scrolling on the phone. We had to cough to get attention and was told just a minute. Then his phone rang in the middle of being rung up and he stopped helping us to look at his phone, I know it was his phone ringing because I have the same exact ringtone on my phone, and then after paying he didn't even say have a nice night, he looked back down to the side of his register and went back on his phone. This is brand new store, hasn't even been open a month yet. This is highly unacceptable. The service I received is not acceptable. The time this occurred at was probably around 7:30 pm to 8 pm. The date was today (11/26/2018). I'm so frustrated about my experience, this is literally a just built store, opened the 8th of November so not even a month. Very unimpressed.

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    Received apology

Nov 26, 2018

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