Kuwait Airwaysdamaged check-in baggage

I travelled from chennai (maa) to kuwait to (iad) washington dc on the 25th of january flight numbers - flight 771 and flight 7. when I received my check-in baggage in dc, I found that its wheel was broken. my bag is now useless. also, my bag was a gift from my mother and has emotional value attached to it. I feel sad that the bag wasn't handled with care. did not expect this from kuwait airways. also, I had spent a lot of time, money and effort buying the bag since this was my first travel. after I found the bag's wheel broken, I had to undergo a lot of pain carrying it to my house. also, carrying it home cost me extra money - the bag was very heavy and I needed a lot of help carrying it.

I request and expect an appropriate action from kuwait airways.

Please find my ticket and damaged baggage pictures attached.

Kuwait Airways

Feb 01, 2017

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