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I just think you should warn everyone about this potential side effect. I had an AWFUL experience with this product. My boyfriend and I decided that we needed to give up pop and drink more water, and we started using MiO to help us accomplish this goal. We knew that MiO probably wasn't the greatest thing health-wise, but we thought it might help the transition to more water/less pop.

Anyway...within a day of drinking this, I got a UTI. I did not connect it to MiO at that time, but went to the doctor. I was prescribed three antibiotics over the course of several weeks, all the while washing them down and drinking tons of water...with MiO. The doctors said I did not have an infection anymore, but the symptoms continued to worsen. Pain radiating on one side, etc. More doctor visits, more antibiotis, missed work, all the time feeling worse and worse. I became convinced I must have some kind of cyst because of how much pain I was in and that fact that the doctor was it wasn't an infection anymore and they couldn't understand why my symptoms continued to worsen.

Finally, my boyfriend had the thought that maybe it could be connected to MiO. We googled it and found many other people who had the same problem! I stopped using the MiO drops and all symptoms cleared up in two days. I think Kraft should let people know that this is a side effect. It could have saved me weeks of money and pain. What a horrible experience! And just for the record, I have no food allergies or sensitivities, nothing like that - this is the only and only time I have been affected this way by something I ingested. I feel like if Kraft isn't going to tell people about this then I should be on message boards, etc. getting the word out.

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    Absolutely untrue. Just because you never had a UTI from it doesn't mean no one has. This is fairly well documented as I have found it on several message boards. And you don't get a UTI from drinking from a dirty glass, [censored]. Get your facts straight.

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    Also, why am I having this conversation with you? Are you a representative of Kraft? Because that's why I want to have a discussion with, not some random idiot on the internet.

Apr 11, 2017
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  •   Apr 11, 2017

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  •   Apr 11, 2017

    I've been drinking products with Mio such as water and iced tea. Been a few years and I've never had a UTI. Either you drank from a dirty glass or you didn't close the Mio properly. Bacteria does not exist in Mio unless you allow it to.

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  •   Apr 12, 2017

    Random ### on the internet? Yes, you are. You are seeking to speak to Kraft on a forum for consumers??? "You don't get a UTI from a dirty glass? Which medical school did you attend? Or nursing school? Obviously you've never graduated. GERMS equates INFECTION. Try a little research before you open your mouth and prove your photo is in the dictionary under CEREBELLUM DEVOID OF MATTER.

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