KOA Camp ground / discrimination

Eureka, CA, United States

We have stayed the last two nights at the Eureka KOA, we are also from Eureka. The first night we registered after hours, the second day, we paid at the counter. Today we decided to stay another night, and this time instead of asking us how many, the first question was "What is your zip code?" This question was never asked before, and if they looked up my name they would see that they entered a local zip code before.

However, when I gave them my zip code, the response was "We don't accept locals", when I explained we had been there the last 2 nights, and why weren't we told that before. The girl responded with if you came in at night we wouldn't be able to stop you. I responded to that with why isn't there anything posted anywhere on your brochure, your web site or your evening reservation booth "that locals are not allowed".

The girl couldn't answer that but told me she would pass the information on to her manager.

We are now without a place to stay for the evening as we had arranged our budget to stay at the KOA.

I believe if we had disturbed any of the other patrons, they would've clearly told us that instead of using the zip code as a reason for refusal. I believe that the Eureka KOA is discriminating against me and my partner and given that I have a high regard for the KOA campground ever since I was a teen ager, I believe Debbie at the Eureka KOA should be informed of the discrimination laws.

In this day and age with racial issues, and everyone being sensitive of what is poliltcally correct, I find this rejection not only offensive, but actually abusive. Yes, it's true any business can reserve the right to refuse service to anyone as long as the reasoning is not discriminatory.

Incidentally, as I drove my Explorer out of the campground, I was as civil and polite as I could be, just because they are completely rude, doesn't mean I will be, I noticed other vehicles parked with the Eureka CA license plates, this clearly confirmed my belief.

Please advise.

[protected] Tamas and Lisa Lawler or [protected]

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