KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / problem with airline tickets

KLM airlines stay FAR AWAY!

If you dont want to go through problems dont use this stupid airline.
I paid for a ticket online for my wife and the transaction went through succesfull as per
E -mial from them and accourding to my bank statement. my wife flew to South America and a week later she was to return they told her this was FRUAD and the ticket is cancelled!

I called them many times and no one could help me all they told me was that i should pay again! they never told me where my money is they don't know? what the hell?
I have all the proof i paid and they can't tell me what went wrong or have any proof to tell me or show me they never recieved it!
Im at the moment in Limbo cause my bank said we paid them and they say ..uh there is nothing we can do ! BUY ANOTHER TICKET!

I am so outraged cause that was the best thing they could give me?

I call and call i always get put on hold ofr long long periods! no one calls me back or e mails me!?
where do i go now! where is my Money and how the hell am i gettng my wife back to london the tickets are so pricey?

I will never never never never use this airline again and i will be telling everyone ofr as long as i can that they should never use this airline!
I want my money back and i wat them to get my wife back here in London!

They have terrible after service and just want your money dont trust them! thieves!!!

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