Kiwi Carpet Cleaningtotally dissapointed


The driver showed up late with the excuse of "I ran out of gas and had to push my truck to the gas station." Brought in a pump up sprayer a grey dingy looking bonnet and a buffer. Made the statement that he would start in the master (the rear most room) sprayed the entire room with his sprayer (he had not vacuumed nor brought a vac. in the house) he said "I can't get these spots out." We repiled then why are you here?" He said "I'll try one spot" He proceeded to smear one spot and proclaimed "see it won't come out" at that time I went to the kitchen and picked up a botte of woolite carpet spray sprayed a similar spot and wiped it with a sponge it lifted spot. He still claimed he could do nothing with the carpet. At that time we asked him to discontinue service he replied "I'll call my foreman" At that time I called Kiwi to express my wish that this gentleman leave my house. The operator tells me that the driver is telling a completely different story (ya think?) The unprofessional service is one thing but if he is going to bold face lie about the series of events then I really did not want him in my house. My wife and I had moved furniture and electronics to accomodate this service where is our motivation to not to tell the events as they happened. I wanted the carpets cleaned that is why I called a service to do it. I ended up going to lowes renting a carpet dr. and doing it myself. I have before and after pics to show results (all spots removed). Offering another crew (one man?) on another day was totally unacceptable what were supposed to do move furinture back and move again for service?

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