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Kirby Vacuum Company / Kirby is a well known scam

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Apr 2016

A nearly identical experience to everyone else.
-Gain access to your home under false pretenses. I got the same 'free one room carpet cleaning' line they favor. Of course this is a lie to get them in the door.
-some nonsense about a contest they are about to win. This is pathetic and is the same incentive that comes with children's cookie sales at school.
-their '20 minute' demo becomes a 3 hours marathon trying to get you to buy simply to get these people out of your home.
-show up right before dinner so that hours later you haven't been able to eat, kids need help with their homework, etc-- again, trying to get you to buy out of desperation to get your home back.
-the person at the door was a pleasant young lady, only to be replaced with a greasy salesman and an ex-convict cleaner guy.
-No joke in that last one, the cleaner guy with the jailhouse tattoos on his hands and neck ADMITTED TO BEING A FELON STILL ON PROBATION. I don't judge the person here, but it's the height of unprofessional business practices to hire someone with a record and still on probation to enter people's homes.
-Both cleaner guy and sales guy made several obviously fake phone calls to some mysterious boss. These are comical. These are actually aimed at YOU, since all they do is put words in your mouth about how much you just love the product. "Yes sir, he says he loves the machine" "oh he can't believe how well it works" None of which I actually said. But this is aimed to build 'evidence' that you like the machine so that you have to explain yourself as to why you aren't buying one.
-Once the sales guy returned to collect his convict, he launched directly into more sales pitch despite my increasing anger at having been lied to already. Total lack of respect.
-I live in an apartment complex and later checked with the property manager who confirmed they did not have permission to solicit here. The property management company will be filing charges for trespassing.

After kicking them out, I did some research and found out just how disreputable of a company kirby actually is.

-kirby uses front companies to insulate themselves from legal action over their sales scam.
-kirby vacuums are known to break within a month of purchase, which then runs customers into the completely worthless warranty that doesn't actually cover anything useful.
-kirby makes it impossible to even reach them within the 3 day cancellation policy deadline. (If you do need to cancel an order, make sure to use certified mail or some other method of tracking exactly when it was sent.
-financing a machine will be at over 20%, I've seen upwards of 29% interest.
-often the financing paperwork will be for the full multi-thousand dollar price instead of the agreed upon lowered price.
-kirby salesmen often specifically target the elderly, and even people with mental incapacity like Alzheimer's.
-once someone agrees to purchase, the kirby people STEAL YOUR ORIGINAL VACUUM. There is no mention of a 'trade in' for the purchase of the kirby. This is literally theft. But it's to discourage people from cancelling their purchase because now you're also out your original vacuum and must spend even more to purchase another.
-follow on items like bags and filters cost 10-20x what normal vacuum parts cost.

Kirby doesn't just rip off the customer, but also famously rips off their own employees. They use the same deceitful advertising to lure in what is essentially free labor that they use to sucker people into buying their crap vacuum.

Kirby is a criminal enterprise from top to bottom. Do not let these people into your homes. Call the police if you see them in your neighborhood because many times they are using access to case your house for a later robbery.
Contact your local news channel- many have a segment about consumer protection. Expose these people for what they are as much as possible.

Be careful.

Apr 5, 2016
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      19th of Jun, 2016

    Great, informative article! Everything you wrote is dead on correct, from the thousands of complaints I've read / heard over the years about these Kirby dealerships.

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