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I am usually not one to complain, and most definitely not online for the world to see as I'm usually a very understanding person. However, after my last experience with KingSize Direct Customer Service, I feel as if I must warn the public.

I ordered two Christmas gifts for my husband on October 25th. Only ONE of the shirts ever arrived, although it states both were shipped. Immediately following Christmas, and finding out the shirt was sized way too small, I proceeded to return the one shirt I received and process a refund for the shirt that never arrived. While doing the return online, there was no mention of the VERY STRICT 60 day return policy (Or the fact that there is absolutely NO consideration for the holidays! ), and that returning the item & requesting a refund 63 days after purchase (63 days ONLY because items were purchased as gifts FOR THE HOLIDAY!) is absolutely not accepted. Upon receiving the shirt back from KingSize Direct, I called customer service. I was very rudely told by not one, but THREE, people (yes, ALL were very rude) that KINGSIZE DIRECT DOES NOT CARE when or why you ordered something, holiday or not, and that they absolutely CAN NOT help you in ANY WAY... even if I would have called on the 61st day.

I do most of my shopping online from various different companies. I have NEVER encountered such rude and terrible customer service. I have also never dealt with a company that does not take holiday shopping into consideration. I also can't believe processing this return was such a big deal. It probably cost more in manpower & materials to accept the return, completely repackage it, print a new invoice with a reason for the returned shirt (which did NOT match the actual reason, by the way), and then add the cost of the actual shipping. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT KingSize Direct, or it's affiliate companies, EVER AGAIN!!!

Jan 24, 2019

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