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Mason, United States

We bought season passes at Kings Island for 2014 season (this season) back in the end of 2013 and now half way through the season they say my son is just over the height and we must pay $36 to upgrade.They measured my 7 year old son at the gate then refused us entry. They claim he is too tall for kid rides at 48" yet all kid rides say 54" or less to ride! That we MUST upgrade his pass to an adult pass to continue our passes. They said if we dont pay the upgrade, we are not allowed back until its paid, which means we lose the $300 plus already paid for two adults and two kids. We were informed that is policy and I requested to see the policy and was never shown one. No where on the back of the card does it say it either. Basically we are being forced to upgrade a SEASON pass because my son may have grown a half inch. ITS WRONG ! I have spoke with some friends that had the same thing happen. The website stated on Kings Island's website and at the front gate admissions window, guests less than 48 inches are "Juniors" and guests 48 inches or taller "adults." Guests who are 48 inches or taller are required to have an adult ticket for entry. Once a guest is 48 inches or taller, they are required to have the adult ticket or pass."
At the time of purchase of our SEASON PASS, NOT A ONE DAY TICKET, the child must be under 48 inches and they even check height at the start of the season when you get your photo for your pass. At which time my son was under the height for the child pass. Customer relations said the upgrade cost was the difference between the $84 I paid and the current going rate of an Adult pass of $120 which came to $36.00
They were doing this to people all day like crazy and going by that same formula, so that would mean all those people were wrongfully charged based on their own admission. Then Second, they refer to buying at the window. Point is at the start of the season you pick up your passes at the process and get your picture taken they checked his height at which point he was under the height and they issued his pass. THERE is nothing that states that if the child grows during that season an upgrade is needed. I could understand it if I bought the pass and when we went in at the start of season he was over then being made to upgrade, but over half way through the season because he grew? Its not like we were just buying that day, we had already bought and was issued the pass based on his height at the time of purchase and processing. Seems to me that the staff is not on the same page there. SO what about all the people that paid the $36 upgrade based on the erroneous rate information that it was being based on? Then the park rep that spoke with the news stated it should have only been a $22.50 upgrade. Im SO TIRED of Kings Island.

Aug 14, 2014

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