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I have played the mystery mountain series in the game and today alone on the last level (5) I only needed 1 or 2 more animals with 17 moves left and it never gave me any more animals. You can check my record and see that I do spend money on this game but I will no longer do so if this continues. I play the bonuses in order to get more items and when I spend my money and have a remaining 17 moves and it never gives me another animal to rescue, it is a bit frustrating. I do home you can resolve this, I have completed level 2052 so that should say I am a loyal customer. I hope to hear from you and possibly give me some credit or items in the game to help make up for this loss. Thank you so much.

Feb 11, 2018
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  • Be
      Mar 25, 2018

    Mystery Mountain does this so much. It will not reset!!

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  •   Mar 25, 2018

    You should have just asked for help instead of threatening to not be a customer any more, let alone throwing out the, "I'm a loyal customer" b[censor]-comment. No one cares what you think you're worth. That includes

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  • Ma
      Feb 01, 2019

    I play pet rescue on my p c and it has been freezing up for months. I only get about 5 games at most and freezes. Stupid cat comes up with same old sorry experiencing difficulties we are working on it...WTF it's been going on for months

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