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Ok, I held off for a while to give this review, because I wanted it to be good. But, because of their horrendous customer support (at least after I got my seat covers) I had to finally do it. I ordered neoprene seat covers for the front seats of my Jeep JL Wrangler. Red and black ones. I asked if they could make the head rest covers black and red as well. They said they could, and even gave me an example of what they looked like. So, I ordered them. It took 6 weeks to get them (I get it, they are made to order). When I took the seat covers out of the bag, the material wasn't like I was expecting. It was more rough than I thought they would be. And, zero give. Isn't neoprene supposed to be like what they make wetsuits out of? Shouldn't it be stretchy? This material is not. Then, I looked at the head rest covers. All black. And, the seat covers didn't even have holes for the rods of the headrests to go into. There were no instructions in the box they came in (a Home Depot box, I'll add) and no packing slip to show what I ordered. This was frustrating. The seat covers do look nice, but I think they were more like the black widow fabric. Not what I want! So, I called their customer support. What a joke that is, that just tells you to email them and gives their email addresses. Ok, so I did. I stated everything above. Their reply, which was a week later? Just instructions on how to cut out holes for my head rest rods. DIDN'T ACKNOWLEDGE ANYTHING ELSE! I replied and asked what about the fabric issue? It is a week later, and nothing. I even filled out their contact form online several times. No replies. Even tried their chat that is never answered, at which time it has you submit a form to them. Tried that several times. Nothing. So, I would not recommend them to anybody. Now, they can make this right and just RESPOND TO ME, and let me know if they think I got what I ordered. Definitely didn't get the correct head rest covers. I can send them pictures of the fabric and such. King of Seat Covers...I'm waiting.

Oct 19, 2018

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