Keyvisa Pattaya / Terrible Customer Service

Pattaya, Thailand

Having gone to key visa and spoken to the boss 'Darren' in Feb 2015 asking for a UK Visit visa for my wife i was assured all the paperwork was in order, and he checked my finances were fine and sufficient and assured me being self employed would not be an issue.
3 Months down the line i have had confirmation from the embassy that this visa application has never been submitted.
Darren is refusing to return my paperwork, fees paid (despite what his website said) or submit the application. Having checked with another agency a lot more paperwork is needed for self employed persons and this visa app would be declined!
Complete was of time and now has set my plans back, we have just purchased a dry cleaning business and now i can't get back to the UK to look after the shop...
If you want a visa i would avoid this company

May 16, 2015

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